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William James Rapp says:

@ 2hrs 48-49 min where you are getting information about a car —
make: ‘bmw’,
model: ‘745li’,
year: 2000,

WHY is the year — 2000 — not in quotes like the model and make info is ??

Vitaly Nikolaev says:

Course Introduction 0:00
Setting Up the Development Environment 11:38
Basic JavaScript Syntax 23:53
Variables 37:14
Data Types 51:49
Type Coercion and Conversion 57:34
Expressions and Operators 1:06:25
Arrays 1:23:40
Function Declaration 1:34:54
Function Expressions 1:44:41
Decision Statements 1:56:44
Iteration Statements 2:11:29
Basics of Scope 2:23:54
Returning Functions from Functions 2:31:41
Object Literals 2:41:58
Module Pattern and Revealing Module Pattern 3:02:26
Closures 3:20:31
this Keyword 3:28:38
Destructuring 3:52:52
String Template Literals 4:00:31
Regular Expressions 4:07:22
Built-In Natives 4:17:56
Constructor Function Calls with the new Keyword 4:30:50
Objects and the Prototype Chain 4:40:20
JavaScript Classes 4:58:27
Arrow Functions 5:12:21
Truthy and Falsy Values 5:23:32
null Type 5:28:41
Date Objects 5:33:03
String Methods 5:38:53
Array Methods 5:47:42
Error Handling with Try Catch 6:00:30
Understanding the Document Object Model 6:17:34
Working with DOM Nodes 6:38:56
Course Conclusion 6:52:39

Caleb Gentry says:

i found this video interesting and very useful! 🙂

Dan Reznik says:

Thanks for the video. One comment: at approx. 5:55:40 you talk about the filter() method, but you implemented it incorrectly, as it only requires a boolean function, i.e.: const filtered = combine.filter(x => x<16);

George Sarg says:

Amazing tutorial, starting to understand the logic behind JavaScript. Thank you !

carlos fernandez says:

why my ${var} inside the string is not working?

sebit makia says:

love the sound of that keys

William James Rapp says:

WOW — I am really NOT the sharpest tool in the shed – I KNOW THAT — but from what I have seen so far HTML and CSS is so much easier to understand — I have watched an HOUR of this video and havent learned a thing. I really have no idea what you are talking about. I will keep pushing through and watch till the end then re-watch it about 5 – 10 more times and hope it sinks in.

LOOKING AT EVERYONE ELSES COMMENTS — I truly am a stone cold retard. People state they have watched 14 minutes or less than an hour and they fully understand this and I still have no idea what you are talking about. GOD HELP ME !!!

TheJemma5 says:

Thumbs up for the Van Halen reference

AJD says:

sir your prototypes part tutorial was absolutely phenomenal. i never understood something so complex so easily. thank you for making my life slightly better.

Kevins Quotes says:


B G says:

This is the best tutorial & I do not think I need any additional material for JS basics; easy to follow, very organized and engaging Thank you so very much. I am still watching it (not finished yet) but I could not wait to comment as he is such a wonderful instructor.

Alexis Ange Dauli says:

Thank you Sir. Your passed course on JS of 6 hours helped me to setup my foundation in JS and web development. thank you very much! from Alex.

GodZarek says:

Where should I go from here ? Im trying to master JavaScript

Puneet Punj says:

Thanks for the amazing course. This helped me to clear my basics which I couldn’t for last couple of months by following multiple websites/blogs.

Steve Burrus says:

Bob how heavily do yiu get in to using the arrow function (“=>”) in Javascript anyway? I’ve seen many videos about that but haven’t “mastered” it just yet.

You Guang says:

node -v doesn’t give me a response in Visual Code Studio 20:30

Ivan Kovacevic says:

This is gold!

Kolynx Azaka says:

i have your hour lecture on channel 9. You paved the way for me. Thanks a lot

Carlos Eduardo says:

not sure why but, to me, this is comming out false
fibonacci = [1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55];
console.log(fibonacci.every((num) => {num <= 60})); any reason in particular or has my visual studio code gone crazy everything else i do to check if the elements are less than or equal to 60 works just fine, it's just that .every() operator that doesn't seem to wanna cooperate edit: the .some() also refuses to cooperate and returns false no matter what

therofthew says:

I’m new to js and I’m following this tutorial. So far it’s well explained, I’m on arrays, but I still have NO IDEA how any of these relates to building application or anything else js is used for

Daniel Erazo says:

3:10:03 -> the function print (message) {

seems to be going gray for me as if this code isnt appear correct to visual code studio. Any thoughts? let count = 0 ; seems to be working just fine on the line just above this one

Polycap Muniu says:

best teacher.God bless the work of your hands

Lureth says:

Is there a repo with all the JavaScript files?

Alexander Myrick says:

visual studio code not available for macosx.10.7.5 R.I.P :/

Alex says:

5:30:39 This made me crack up!

matteveli manifests says:

Thanks for this update bob. Great style of teaching!

curiosity ! says:

Thank you for the course. I have a problem to unit node in visual code, how can i resolve this problem?

Daud Jama says:

What a great instructor you are, Bob T. I am glad to have come across this video and I hope to finish the whole course.

carlos fernandez says:

First class teacher , and free learning , meaning priceless. thank you so much.

Joseph Lydon says:

I spent 6 hours today trying to get Visual Studio to find what it needed to run. Nothing! This gentleman had me up and programming in less than an hour and for the first time my computer actually did was his did. Excellent presentation 5 Stars. Thank you so much.

Tianna Vittoria says:

I found my Dali Lama of Javascript! You have enlightened me sir. The way you explain things makes so much sense. I’m only 40 minutes into this and I’m having lightbulb moments galore. Sometimes you just need the right instructor. I’m convinced I have found mine for Javascript. Continuing on in the course now. Thank you!!!

Raghvendra Jain says:

Amazing instructor. I wish he was my teacher back in university. Thank you very much for free education.

William James Rapp says:

If you cant figure out what YOUR saying we are supposed to STOP the video and figure it out on our own — hhhhmmmmmmm
why am I here then at all. Why dont I just figure all this shit out on my own ?

Cant post questions on ANY SITE I have ever been on over th elast 10 years and get an ACTUAL HONEST response back from anyone IF WE GET A RESPONSE AT ALL FROM ***ANY ONE ***

I am stuck on the same QUESTION for the last 10 years and cant get any help and here you tell us — if you cant figure out what your saying figure it out on our own.


William James Rapp says:

IS THERE A JS COURSE for ***BEGINNERS *** ??? Point me in that direction. After 2.5 hrs of watching this I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT —

I need a course for BEGINNERS as in someone who does not understand all of the Jargon you do not explain. You are as CLEAR AS MUD to a actual beginner like me.

Teresa Dunn says:

Sadly, Nodejs downloaded but rolled back the installation. No reason given ??? Any advise ??

BEN lawan says:

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Daniel Erazo says:

you are the best man you make this enjoyable

Thomas Hays says:

Don’t forget to download node.js. Caused me about a 20 minute headache

Banting Gamer says:

Thanks for making this course available on youtube! i sure learned a lot. oOo react.js 😛
Rock on!

Vikash Kumar Gaurav says:

I watched goddamn whole video continuosly

Azez Nassar says:

Great lesson on the this keyword! thanks a lot of that

Kepler says:

IIFE returning an object with properties and methods…? Is that what ExpressJS is?? That’s all it is??

Vin Aeoua says:

Guys on 1:43 if you type:
Is also correct.

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