JavaScript Fundamentals For Beginners

This is a mini-course on the fundamentals of not only JavaScript, but programming in general. We will cover the following…

What is JavaScript?
Variables & Data Types
Conditionals – If Statements, switches
Forms & Validation


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SenpaiCore says:

I’ve heard that it’s not practical to declare string and number as objects because it will slow down execution speed

boris said says:

WHy is the syntax so close to c++? It made it so easy to catch on

Vladimir Miletic says:

I usually like your videos, but this one did not help a lot to understand JavaScript. Forms and Patterns ware not very clear to me. I understand that it is not easy to explain everything in one hour, but maybe you should do more separate videos for JS for beginners.

Ahmet Özdemir says:

Just started to learn some basics about JavaScript. I learnt a lot from this video. I wrote my own code. May I ask a question? After this video should I watch your DOM video series or should I watch jQuery videos?

Luke Briggs says:

Settings > 2x speed.

You’re welcome.

Danish Tahir says:

my onclick event is not working… I checked a code about 100 times and code is 100% right.
There is no error in console as well… But when I click on a button nothing happens.
Please help ! I’m stuck

Ronald Johnson says:

Great tutorial Brad, thank you.

neeraj kumar says:

can ayone tell why alert box is not showing up?

< !DOCTYPE html>

Javascript Example

jean reynold says:

Teacher i got it i din’t create the html file.

mastermill79 says:

@5:53 “take it up a notch”?!?!? Is that you Elzar?!?

Asad Khan says:

I can’t express my love and respect for you Brother ! You’re perfect Teacher I can understand each bit and piece you teach. ! Lots of Love from Pakistan

Meher says:

Can you please do a video on real time problem of CALL APPLY BIND

Zachb222 says:

This video was very helpful 🙂

Amr Darawsheh says:


Dragon Lover says:


Giovanni Sánchez says:

I am using Brackets, pretty simple and powerful, too.

Flavia M says:

If you want this to be a tutorial for beginners, you should explain more. For example: when do we use for loops and when while loops, and why etc, instead of “we can use this or this”. For me it’s fine since I’m doing a recap, but for a total beginner it’s not enough.

Sejoo says:

But if javascript is webpage(kind of) language, what is the point of learning it if you dont know HTML properly ? Now i lost my motivation.

Dydreth says:

Very helpful. Thank you!

daredevilbee says:

Subscribed! Thanks!

HawkMeadow says:

TL;DR ples?

José Ivan Marciano Junior says:

Hi, I am Brazilian and i am a developer of process automation, so I use my knowlegdement on JavaScript to see the page code and extract the necessary information of him.
Videos like this, help us to fix our knowledgement same, if we have a lot experience is every good to review this content.
And this video is very useful to make the knowledment recycle.

Praveen V B says:

This is the first video that introduced me to @traversymedia. 🙂

Deb Prentice says:

hey Brad, gotta fix the sort on those numbers

Fawaz Abdulla says:

When your Udemy JavaScript course come alive?

Nil San says:

Thank you !! its very easy to understand . thanks for clear my basic JavaScript fundamental.

Sabari Geth says:

You are a man with a mission.

Daniel Valadez says:

You Sir, have taught me more in 1 hour that my boot camp has in a week lol. Thanks and keep up the great content!!!

Bruno Almeida says:

Thanks for the video!

Abh19021 says:

9:00 Variables & Data Types
17:30 Arrays
25:10 Loops
32:20 Conditionals
39:23 Objects
50:59 Events
59:03 Forms & Validation

marte thompson says:

what is the difference between an object and a constructor?

Chris Carter says:

Mark walburg knows JavaScript?

Naveen Kumar says:

when choosing your IDE, dont forget to check ‘brackets’….. 5 members among 10 will will love it!!!!

The OM Project says:

If that’s your thing lol

St. jowa says:

Great video man!! Went to school for programming and this was well done.

Quinten Cabo says:

Thank you so much for this video. It really opened my eyes!

Guitar Cherry says:

I’m busy with a JS course and this video really helped me alot.

Shaurya - A coding prodigy says:

I just realized something.
With Chrome DevTools you can edit the HTML meaning that you can edit the script tags meaning that you can bypass js form validation.

core system says:

How do I get these exercise files ?

Ronel Santiago says:

Thank you for this..

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