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Javascript is the most widely used programming language on the web. It can do anything from manage databases to make games. On this episode of QuickBytes Mark shows you how to make a simple game using Javascript and a few easy to access resources.

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Calculux says:

Im getting so pissed

Adeleida Bingham says:

Link to files:
Thanks for a great tutorial! Very professionally done.

Acemaker 1 says:

I like it.. I just started My BSc in computer science and it is the most easy way you did it. thanks for this great video

A Reb says:

This is the best Javascript tutorial on this planet. God bless you Mark!!

Zintrex says:


abbas annooz says:


m1ksu says:

the music pleases my right ear

Aurelian Spodarec says:

Come on. You need to put the link to it as well! Not only to your marketing stuff…

Otherwise thanks 🙂

Chaela Viray says:

how can i put this on another html file

Pietro Moroni says:

Oh my god this is Mark Lassoff! I used to follow your tutorials on skill feed! You made me start learning programming! I am really thankful to you!

Cesar Fernandez says:

your accent is very clear 😀

Jalen Cheng says:

44500th sub

Pc and Android says:

thank you very much i mean unlimited thanks!!!

7he GAME Bros says:

OH GOD THE FACE! Im sorry… he just is so wierd

vineet sajwan says:

You miss few shots and bat travels at the speed of light 🙂 Anyways nice tutorial

Paul Parsons says:

I’m following along in visual studio. Will it still work?

computer guy says:

give the download link please

Ali Al-agil says:


missAnniething says:

lol i remade minecraft with java

Mervin Lee says:

Also, the the < !doctype html> tag, can this be in lower case?

Stalin says:

It’s your host, killer Keemstar.

Manash Ranjan says:

nice sir

jackson campbell says:

“so open up your laptop” its already open and dont just suspect everyones on a laptop

Mr.Munchies says:

My mum said if I don’t turn the volume down she will smash my head on the keybodmmdnegyejnfnjfieiwoqksjsnshshhajajmenrhfhfydu

GT5364e GT5364e says:

Agree with the rest of the comments here. This is a great intermediate level tutorial! I have never used CreateJS framework, and it looks pretty good for game development! As I’m sure you know there are no shortage of JS frameworks to choose from.

GT5364e GT5364e says:

Hey, what is fastclick.js?

If you comment it out in the HTML, you get a bunch of weird bugs! It is written all in one jumbled line so hard to understand.

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