JavaScript in 7 minutes | Create Interactive Websites | Code in 5

Learn how to make your websites interactive with the JavaScript in 7 minutes! We’ll review some basic HTML/CSS concepts as well.

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beauty tiper says:

hi.can anyone tell me how to change a cover photo randomly when page refresh..
visit this page

u can see a cover photo..i want to make the cover photo change and show other image when use refreshes or go to some other profile..i have a code that changes background of a website…i need same thing in cover photo..
excuse for my bad english.

Usamah Fagehe says:

In which software you are coding?

Dehphone says:

i’m using brackets and why I try to do the countdown thing it tells me to combine my two var statements. How do i do that? Code:

function revealMessage() {
“use strict”;
document.getElementById(“hiddenMessage”).style.display = ‘block’;

function countDown() {
“use strict”;
var currentVal = document.getElementById(“countDownButton”).innerHTML;
var newVal = currentVal – 1;
document.getElementById(“countDownButton”).innerHTML = newVal;

ansh koladia says:

can anyone please help me i have so many issues
1) I have been learning javascript from the website codecademy and over there it is nothing like this to print a text you write console.log but over here it is very different and this is just making me so pissed off right now ( I AM JUST A YOUNG KID WHO HAS JUST STARTED TO LEARN PROGRAMMING)

Success Lifestyle says:

Clear, concise, and great information.

Bernie-L says:

Love your voice

Dinel Hamzic says:

I need some help it doesn’t show the text when I press the button help!!
< !DOCTYPE html>


function revealMessage(){
document.getElementById(‘hiddenMessage’).style.display = ‘block’;
I am using windows 10 pro and visual studio code please help!

Thanh Nguyen says:

There are many softwares that they do javascript for you. Dont’ need to waste time to learn the codes. Just buy the time a lot

DragonSlayer3.14159 says:

I know Javascript and coding already, but just wanted to know, do the people who have never done coding before understand what shes saying?

Oussama Amor says:

Good presentation


Thank you, thank you very much.

sinhala bsc says:

great teaching skill !

Chaînons Manquants says:

Thanks ! amazing tutorial !

NickMode Projects says:


xXslajerXx says:

thanks i work for google now

GOPI JITIN Khatana says:

Making video many many thanks

Nick Brett says:

This is awesome. Really well explained. Thank you!

Abdul Roshan says:

Great video.. Thanks..

andrea avina says:

Can someone help me create a website? It’s do this Friday and I literally have no idea how to make one. I’ve tried free websites that give you templates but they don’t work.

Jovessa purisima says: check this out! It would really helps you a lot before creating your own website.

MD HASAN says:

Your voice is so sweet..!

Kenny Dominguez says:

Hola:= “Hi in spanish”;

Kathryn Mccready says:

Thank you for making such a great video! 🙂

FraznoFire says:

Good tutorial. But why use a Mac? They are too expensive for the hardware and there are plenty of other laptops that look good. Plus you can put the Mac operating system on a windows pc if you prefer it

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