JavaScript & jQuery Tutorial for Beginners – 1 of 9 – Getting Started
Getting Started. This tutorial demonstrates how to get started with JavaScript and jQuery. This is a good tutorial for beginners.

Link to the code used in this video.

jQuery website

jQuery Browser Compatibility


rajdeep pandharkar says:

Thank you , was helpful … 🙂

The Voe Media says:

it is so good

J M says:

This is a very helpful series. My employer recommended it as training when I first joined the organisation.

Dizzi Zoon says:

Far more better than 2017 jquery tutorial on YouTube.

madhavi reddy says:

thanks..for me I am getting para and heading as output, the para is not hiding ?

ScreenPrintR says:


paul840606 says:

Great job, thanks!

3 Breze says:

Is this tutorial series outdated?


thanks very i get a job by you thanks keep working

Pling Plong says:


First tutorial – video or otherwise that I understand. It actually explains things without seeming to assume you already know all the language and logic behind it all.
Thank you also for saying in the video that it’s okay not to understand the things at first and that it will become clear later, this has been a major problem for me when trying to learn JS/JQuery that I always get the feeling I am supposed to understand what everything does, and since it’s very important to me to actually understand what each and every detail does and why, this has usually thrown me off with other tutorials.

I’ll be watching more of those.

Bogdan Pop says:

Thank you for the video sir, you are awesome.

El Shylo says:

Good Stuff!

Diane Cooper says:

Thanks for the info. Easy to understand.

Sonic Splasher says:

it isnt working

Michael Oliver says:

Good video. nice pace, easy to understand, thorough in explaining!! thank you!

Muhammad Javaid says:

It’s really nice video 🙂

Emily Kosovik-Jeffery says:

Typed in everything as stated and it’s not working.

Richard Marcus says:

Brilliant! Clear and concise. Many thanks!

tarek khan says:

just awesome explanation.this helped me lot.thanks
please put ome more about various subjects of web-development

The President of The Internet says:

Skidamarink a-dink, a-dink, Skidamarink a-doo

BOSS G+ says:

As for me the best way to learn languages, such as English JavaScript is reading books!

Marijan Zovko says:

i dont understand , if i have “my_code.js” saved on my pc where is my “.html” file , do i have to have jquery link included ? What is the purpose of links on the top of notepad++ after

Leijo Bacu says:

Why my Javascript & JQuery is not running the p tag was not hiding then i correctly follow the “.js” I was confused by and how its downloading please help me for my problems

Debajyoti Paul says:


Sumana Bhattacharya says:

Thank you for the help. very nice tutorial.

Chetan Sharma says:

good tutorial

Ilknur Gokcuoglu says:

Great Tutorial!! Thanks a lot for the video!!

Parth Modi says:

very nice tutorial.. explained everything step by step
thanks a lot

Sulaiman Abouabdah says:

The code didn’t work with me. I think there is something wrong with the jQuery script tag

Emily Kosovik-Jeffery says:

I’m using Mac, and now windows.

Arun Kumar says:

hi my question is which field i learn ui designing ya ui developer , i am doing job in web Designing i have good knowledge in xhtml , CSS3 HTML5 basic JavaScript . last 5 years I am doing PSD to XHTML Convertion, and RWD desiging,. please suggest me what can do.

Kaz Tee says:

Hi I am trying to make an app for my homework. I want to create maths app kids answer maths questions. And if they are correct it will tell them they are successful and move on to the next question. How can I implement this using jquery code. I can do the basic get questions on the page but what code I use when they input there answer into the box and then code to submit there answer let them know there are correct. I would appreciate help.

Thomas Mathew - Joy says:

A very good, easy to understand, descriptive tutorial

kusum lata says:

your video series are truely amazing sir… provides a very simple approach to all topics…but can u please upload video series on C and C++ language

vu nguyen says:

Amazing tutorial. Thanks so much!

BOG Networker Life-Style says:

Thanks For The great Video, 🙂

Dilikar Satish says:

much needed tutorial

khurram shahzada says:

jQuery is enough or JavaScript is necessary for front end developer ?

Elizabeth Jessy says:

Thank you for your tutorial, you are best! Let me know if you do some streaming on i would like to follow you there and watch.

ScreenPrintR says:

Thank you for your help!

my channel says:

This is so clear O_O

Oyeleke kolawole jubril says:

You are always the best with a clear understanding of your tutorials

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