JavaScript Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

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Creeperhead 007 says:

2 minutes in the video I went to read the comments

suvo sad says:

it would better how does it work web page then it will be completed

Marijana Oravec says:

As a beginner I need to say that this course is not a real course for very beginners because you need to pass some other courses before this so that you can understand everything what’s he saying. If I wouldn’t learn before this i wouldn’t understand really everything… Just sayin’… But good work! It really helps!!! Thank you for this video! 🙂

tomfish says:

i have no hml experince

evil endo_man says:


Nathamon Tongdee says:

who’s watching Wix ad and get annoyed in 2017? Anybody?

Lola Lola says:

Haha anyone who actually watched it for the entire 6 hours, 20 minutes??

MsPaintAnimatoR XL says:

I recommend 2 speed for this

Minecraft - Mobu_ says:

tayber and tabor? O:

Cedric Mendoza says:

The for in loop in the array chapter isn’t working for me.

var flightDate = new Date(“September 22, 2004”);
var myValues = [“Oceanic”, 815, flightDate];

for (i in myValues)
” + myValues[1]);

pakito91 says:

2:15:00 Functions
2:31:45 Arrays
2:39:49 Associative Array
2:41:42 Looping Statements
3:11:31 Objects (Object Literal)
3:36:10 DOM (Document Object Model)
4:09:44 JQuery

Nhan Nguyen says:

did he just say “fucky stuff at 2:29:57” ?

Tom Ziom says:

He code in NOTEPAD and use IE this is a joke. Dont watch this shit.

red marcy says:

didn’t know a notepad can do that much lmao

Fffjk Gfghjk says:

please upload the video on python tutorial in hindi

Brenno Ferreira says:

Bob Tabor, just letting you know that there is a speed problem around 6h11min, that goes for all Lecture 20. Thanks for your effort in teaching us JS. Great work.

nald agd says:

How can I do this lesson on my MacBook Pro.

Saidulu Golla says:

thank you sir
Mr.bob tabor..

Jessejuan Cerbo says:

What kind of code editor do you use?

iEditingStudios says:

For those looking for a better alternative to Notepad or Notepad++, try out Sublime Text or Atom! Absolutely amazing IDEs, which recognise and support any front or back-end language, such as Java, PHP, XML, JavaScript, etc. You’re welcomed!

Niwa says:

windows 7, internet explorer, and notepad to code. I get it.. you like it rough, don’t you

ExoticScams says:

Will this work on visual studeo code on a mac, and my browser is chrome? I am having troubles, and it wont work right

Damilola Odili says:

please, where do i watch the html and css videos. Knowing those would make feel me more comfortable here. Thank you

Education only says:

lol he is using windows 7 for coding lol . Malwares and viruses haahaha. Ok now for introducing but use macos x or linux bsd

Logan LaFollette says:

Am I the only one watching more advertisement than actual video?

edward weaver says:

how Can I follow along using a Mac

Number White says:

Notepad++ is also very good for beginners.

The Ultimate Wanderer says:

I am new to Java and I am getting it. The only frustration that I have is I am using Mac. It seems Microsoft and Apple don’t like each other. But if anyone is using Mac and having similar problems like finding similar tools as Notepad etc… reply down below. Happy to help!
Thank you Sir


Jesus Bastiand says:

Hello, Thanks for this lessons. I have lost you during lesson 14. I can’t get it to work. I have checked and double checked…..  I noticed that your  widow does not show the whole script type line, “The first link to javascript to ajax? Could I be missing some of the text?

N0rdicPsycho says:

Why is the time bar yellow?

Vitor Hugo says:

welcome to 2017! xD
i just started to watch this tutorial in order to learn about JavaScript and at 1:55:20 my Firefox (yes I deleted IE) shows me the first alert (second case) then I click ok and another alert pop up (third case)….
is this happening because this video is from a few years ago and it is out of date? or am I doing something wrong? or is just Firefox that reads code differently from IE

Jamie Lipper says:

You probably already know this, but you do not need to put type=”text/javascript” inside of the script tag. (You probably already know that since this was posted in 2015.)

Hans Fajardo says:

“JavaScript Tutorial for Absolute Beginners” (realized it was 6 hours) RIPPED…

Robert Rickler says:

a good tutorial

oSuperModz says:

Am I the only one who watched all 6 hours straight ?

Harsh Sharma says:

plz make videos little shorter

Cedric Mendoza says:

Hi, I would like to ask why the first program, didn’t work on the input element when it was inside a

KBLV says:

watch the video from 1:20:46
if u don’t want to waste ur time.

Panzerkampfwagen says:

Presses F12 on this page.

62 errors

Instant School App says:

Nice 6 hours and 32 ads later

Imroz Wana says:

Awesome tutorial for beginners, you Sir made it very easy to grasp the fundamental of JS,
Using notepad for coding is cool..
must watch for all the beginners..!!

Sean Miah says:

I did the code right but when I writing the hello world..again it does not change for me what I’m I doing wrong and I check the codes carefully and did it exactly the same has your

Sodapop Curtis says:

Somewhere around 1:30:00 this definitely stopped being for beginners.

Esman Fakhro says:

Im so thankful for this free course! Thank you 🙂

Dzintars Klavins says:

NEVER DONT make so f***g long videos!!! Split it in logical parts!

IC3FR3AK says:

Where do i download Web developer 2010 express now?
I cant find it

Epic_ninja 111 says:


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