JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners #6 – Basic JavaScript Syntax & Rules

Hey guys, today’s awesome JavaScript lesson is gonna be all about the basics of JavaScript syntax and a few core rules. We’ll look at case sensitivity, what statements are, whitespace & layout, as well as comments and how the order of your code matters.

As usual, comment below with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer everything.


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Elano Silveira says:

Great teacher. Keep up the good work.

Dones Mayhay says:

You are indeed awesome! Thank you so much for uploading! I’m so happy I stumbled in your tutorials.

ZEL0D says:

The semi column isn’t necessary right ?

CR Vinay Kumar says:

I needed a refresher in JS. So glad I stumbled onto this 🙂

UTprema says:

Cool Ninja, Yeaaaah!

sehriban gulen says:

cool, like the way you teach! versy simple 🙂

Nick says:

great tutorial

Chris Zuidema says:

Thank you Net Ninja ! I’m enjoying your tutorial! KAPOW!!

ढढढ Pariyar says:

Thank you sir for the tutorial..

Alex Lasway says:

Great tutorial, you guys made me become who i am today, thanks alot!

ASJ Personal says:

Great stuff, but you 100% need to fix the sensitivity of the pick up on the keyboard. It’s really jarring.

nischal sharma says:

which tool are you using for writing js.

moon fairy says:

Great tutorial! Thank you so much! 🙂

mia zhang says:

I will watch all of your videos when I am free

Cool Tony says:

Very well explained, thank you.

Technical adi says:

why there are html like syntax in JavaScript but in codeacademy tutorial they don’t use html like syntax in javascript

FX _Omar says:

thank you

John Aspinall says:

I’ve read that you DONT have to insert semi-colon’s after each statement becuase of Automatic semicolon insertion which is baked into JS? Can you clarify where you stand on this?

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