Javascript Tutorial For Beginners – Free JS Course – Web Development Tutorial

This Javascript Tutorial is a Free Javascript Web Development Course designed for beginners. If you’re wanting to know how to Javascript, in this course, you’ll get JS tutorials that cover the basics and programming basics from the very beginning.

We’ll cover Javascript variables, if else statements, functions, arrays, event bindings, and more. If you’re learning web development and are ready to learn Javascript for beginners, this is the free tutorial for you.


Sotirios Agar says:

The begging looks like the menu, NO JOKE!

Anatoly Khalizev says:

Is JS still rocks?

Jawar5 says:

what do I save the file as when doing javascript? Do i do .html or something else?

The Greco Gamer says:

hi, these lessons are great! but i cant find the site?

eee2436 Minecraft says:

wait are you the creator of CODE ACADIMY???

Jasmine Death says:

my chrome don’t got view

Sam Macaluso says:

I love hearing this guy say his own name

Dark Prince says:

i am 12 so please check my program

var Name = prompt(‘tell me your name’);
alert ( Name + “,you are a good guy”) ;
var Location = prompt (‘tell me where do you live’);
alert ( Name +’ ‘+’living in’+’ ‘+ Location + ‘ ‘ + ‘sounds intresting’)
var Money = prompt (‘how much modey do you have’)
alert ( ‘umm , so you have’ + ‘ ‘+ Money +’ ‘+’you forget i am a theif so hand it over to me’)

The Pro Guy says:

Awesome tutorials…

makasana darshit says:

thankyou so much sir !!

Marianna Khachadourian says:

Hi there, im entering 2 numbers by prompt() and then with alert() it’s showing me the result as a string and not the sum of the numbers, this is my code: var x= prompt(‘give me a number’); var y = prompt(‘give me another number’); var z = alert (‘the sum of your numbers is: ‘+ x+y);
so where’s my fault?

Ante Zovko says:

When he said math shbByhybajsjbyvnskshsbsbjsjsnsjs

oslohes tyagi says:

just be using this tutorial i am going to try to make a quadratic formula solver

CookPiggy says:

what do you think of my homework?

var whothere = prompt(‘Knock knock, who is there?’); var who = prompt(whothere+’ ‘+’who?’); alert(whothere+” “+who)

Great tutorial by the way!

Aaron Ray says:

I did var prompt = “Will” and I think I messed the whole thing up

Jacqueline walker says:

can’t get to the program you have

Hugh Mungus says:

am i correct that ur var code cant have space such as var first number rather it must be var firstnumber??

Asif Designs says:

2:59 JUST WANTED SOMEONE TO SPEAK IT OUT !! finally :””’))))))))))))

Nguyễn Tuấn says:

A window.prompt() dialog generated by this page was suppressed because this page is not the active tab of the front window. Please make sure your dialogs are triggered by user interactions to avoid this situation.

Osher Ezra says:

Hey man great videos thanks a lot keep it up : ) just one question , lets say iv mastered a specific language how do you actually take it and turn it into an app( specifically mobile), where do you build it? do you code first then design or reverse? thanks in advance

Cyplex says:

I Love All The Series On This Channel

Heres My First Javascript Program:

var name = prompt(“What Is Your Name?”)
var lastname = prompt(“What Is Your Last Name?”)
var age = prompt(“How Old Are You?”)
alert(“Hello ” + name + lastname + “! You Are ” + age + “Years Old!” )

khurram shahzada says:

Is python and jQuery are enough for web development or complete JavaScript is necessary?

ak47ava .dman says:

small problem what browser or software to use for this. i type localhost9000 and nothing shows up.

Imane El Omari says:

hello i have a question i am using prompt

var name=prompt(); then i tape will

after i tape name; it shows prompt() fonction not will i am using a website of my university

I-Code says:

Nice Tutorial. Crisp and to the point. Thank you.
I tried to program your assignment of getting 2 numbers using prompt. The prompt returns Numbers as Strings . So when I add them, it will not give sum, but concatenated output. I googled and found out that We have to Parse the Strings into numbers using the parseInt() or parseFloat() , store them back into number variables, add them inside the alert . I learnt new things .

Creative BD says:

Great #################

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Hugh Mungus says:

var name = prompt(‘what is ur name’);var firstnumber =+prompt(‘pls select ur first number for this game’);var secondnumber =+prompt(‘pls choose ur second number now’);var magic =firstnumber+secondnumber; alert(name+’ ‘+’the sum of ur numbers are’+’ ‘+magic) finally with the help of the comments and trying like 15-20 times

Jesus Bastiand says:

Google Chrome Stinks.

Will Nguyen says:

whats your name again?

kodie ivie says:

great tutorial series! thanks.. anyone else think that Will sounds like jason bateman? he even talks the same way lol..

Professional Meows says:

But how do you get the menu on the top up? 1:14

Shadow_slayer says:

this is the best tutorial for javascript that i have found.

Kevin Pimlett says:

I’m just starting out on your tutorials, and they’re nice and easy to get to grips with, but im having an issue with the “homework ” part of this one

how do i make the user input a prompt value be stored as a number not a string


“var x= prompt(‘pick a number’); var y= prompt(‘Pick another number’); alert(x+y)”

if i pick 3 & 4, i end up with 34 instead of 7

Sorry if this seems a silly question.

Jacqueline walker says:

my console shows different to the side is that kool??


Nice tutorial!

// Convert String to Number with parseInt() function
var num1 = parseInt(prompt(‘Give me a number’));
var num2 = parseInt(prompt(‘Give me another number’));
alert(‘The total is ‘ + (num1 + num2));

Use if Chrome gives u trouble:

2Extra Taylor says:


Cameren Williams says:

var x = prompt(‘give me a number’); var y= prompt(‘give me a second number’); var z = x*y; alert(z);

Super J-Man says:

u deserve this comment.

Kamal Only Friendship says:

Hi I need JavaScript coding for enable activeX control in IE11 ( via program because IE settings disabled)

Will Grabham says:

I have already learnt python and from this tutorial it seems really similar. Thanks for the great tutorial!

Burak Sümer says:

var x= +prompt(“Bir sayı yazın”); var y= +prompt(“Bir sayı daha yazın”); alert(x+y);
I did the program but i couldnt undertand why i have to put a + sign before prompt command. Can someone explain it please?

Evolve Fitness says:

Thank you man! How would you use var name=’ ‘ to reference a div used in HTML?

lala Sara says:

thank you it’s very simple and easy to understand

dspsx says:

var name = prompt(“What is your first name?”); var lastName = prompt(“What is your last name?”); var age = prompt(“How old are you?”); alert(“Hello, “+name+” “+lastName+”!” + ” You are ” +age+ ” years old!”)

I did some homework! 😀 It tells you your first name, last name and your age. (Of course you could say your name is Nigger Faggot and say you’re 420 years old :D)

Ridwanhiddig says:

How long will it take me to be Excellent?? I would highly appreciate for answers

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