Javascript Tutorial – jQuery Tutorial for Beginners Pt 2

This is part 2 of Javascript programming and we’re going to get right into using jQuery for programming. jQuery makes it extremely easy and fun to code javascript. You can write more function with a lot less javascript code.

If you missed part 1, you’ll probably want to watch it (, since it covers the basics of programming.

Plus, you’ll notice that, as a beginner, Javascript with jQuery is a lot faster to write and just makes more sense as you’re figuring things out.


Haduduy Duds says:

Hey Bro this tutorial was awesome, however how on your side the html files has this ip address of “”? coz mine shows the location of the file only, i believe thats the problem coz i have to refresh the page to see the result

Juraj Zembjak says:

isnt jquery out of date already?

Harsh Beriwal says:

whats this video? Is this the second video of Javascrpit..i understand the 1st video completely but i cant understand anything in this video

Bruh says:

Question so is jquery is just a part of javascript ?

Ziddy O'Donovan says:

How did you get your own page thing at the start?!?

DegamejongensBE says:

Good tutorial man, but jQuery is a little bit to hard for newbies.
I think you should first start with the normal Js and then show them jQuery. Cause jQuery is like a second JS

Im Kofi says:

This video was great. I’m now getting to know more of JavaScript and understanding it

Dhiraj Borana says:

which software did you use for HTML code

Crispy Chicken says:

It also says Syntax error

abishek kachroo says:

i dont get how to use sublime text
I also downloaded node.js but still i have no clue
Can some 1 please help me
As this is also not covered in this video
Please help

Kimari Guthre says:

How do I embed files in my JavaScript? I’d like to do that. By embed, I mean to put in a file like MaIL.jpg in the jar file, then do
var mailpoto = MaIL.jpg.
And then finally do mailpoto, which should pull up MaIL.jpg. Minecraft did that, so I should be able to do the same.

dwayne tucker says:

What do I do to get the HTML command thing

Rosco - Agario says:


Milflow says:

is it ok if i got the 3.2.1 version of jquery? will my website still work?????

YoungPlutus says:

Good thing that I have some knowledge in JavaScript and HTML before I watched this video.

Kasey C says:

Can’t get the header to change, nor the .append command to work. Does it matter which version of jQuery I’m using? tried rolling back to the version in this video and still can’t get it to work.

Xiang Jin says:

That was more than two lessons??

Joey Finch says:

do I need my own domain to do this?

Go to new channel: TheOneGamingNut says:

What is the application you are using? (Left side of screen)

Alex Fancy says:

It seems my sublime doesn’t recognize Javascript syntax despite using the src code and changing it to Javascript at the bottom of the sublime page. anyone facing the same problem?

Fire 1000 says:

What console did you use

Guest The Guest. says:

The video is quite different cause in the first we were on arrays and now i see more complicated stuff but i did really love the first javascript tutorial

MarGera332 says:

So the videos are to start learning Javascript, but then move straight to jQuery! If I wanted to learn jQuery, then I would look for videos on jQuery.

Ynnek Thennek says:

I can’t see a person, who doesn’t already know something about JS & Jqueery, getting anything at all out of this no matter how many times they watch this. I know it and this is a little confusing to me. Some stuff just isn’t even explained at all. I think people who already know JS look at it and say, “oh wow, i wish i learned it this fast, so this is cool,” but they only understand this guy because they already know what he’s talking about.

Crispy Chicken says:

I’m stuck on adding the script for jQuery, every time I do it, it says Excpected ‘;’ can anyone help please

ARaw says:

What coding editor is he using ?

Noied Wavve says:

How did you upload your website to the browser?

Mark Alexa says:

I really like your lecture. Wasn’t boring at all. Quite the opposite. I enjoyed it very much. Who says programming is boring ? Depends on approach.

Joshua Taylor says:

Good video, a bit hard to read the tiny information in the console though, even on full screen. Thanks for the help.

Fucked up Freddie says:

I realy can’t follow this u don’t even tell us about some of the things u are using

MoonsBloodyProtector says:

I loved this video! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the button to work. Thanks! ^_^

Chaima Selmi says:

thanks this video is very helpful

ItzHolden says:

Saving progress 3:08

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