Javascript Tutorial – Programming Tutorial for Beginners Pt 1

This is part one of Javascript Programming. If you’ve been wanting to learn Javascript, this will help you get a quick head start. We’ll cover the very basics and get you prepared for part 2 which will teach you to use jQuery to do some fun stuff to your web page in real time!

Once you have it, Here’s video 2!:

Learning Javascript (or learning programming of any kind) can feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but I promise it will come quickly.


Proxyzenn says:

Great video, but it’s kind of hard to see the code you’re typing !

David Cherry says:

Great 1st tutorial!..It was not intimidating:)

jenny weise says:

Good video …nice explanation……but your font is tiny……and zoom can only zoom so much … please review your video for font size next time thanks ….

Dominator_86 says:

I liked it! Thx buddy….

T Sing says:

Can I be a software developer without loving computers? Whenever I hear technical terms like “HTTP” my mind sort of shuts down. But I like designing things, and I think I’m good at thinking logically and mathematically. With software developing skills it seems that you can work in nearly every field and do many different things, which is what interests me about it. Note: I am a complete beginner and I’ve only ever tried to do 1 real code, and failed at it miserably.

Imufur says:

is this still relevant in 2017 or some new version came out?

GrapeMan says:

best teacher i ever had just got a new sub

Honza Noel says:

Racking my brains on this introduction to JavaScript book for hours, almost for hours, was just about to say I’m off to bed but then thought, let me give YouTube a go- you helped me with in 5 mins of this vid. Thank you!!

Anirvan Chandra says:

what if i use windows 10

Bash and Slash says:

F-12 on windows

CrackerJack says:

I love you

Arceus136 says:

you helped me so much man thx

Sawerboy Swag says:

are there any people here who are around 13 and really love to learn programming

Chill Hillz says:

I have an interview for a web designing company next monday. I don’t have the best experience in it. But I’m hoping to sound like I know what I’m talking about, at least on a level higher than intermediate. Cause this type of job would be great career jumping point.

DrakeG says:

you need to zoom in so we can see just informing you

zuber khan says:

Nice video sir , but i have one question if you can help me out , i am confuse between when to use double ” ” and single ‘ ‘ .

JJ OMG says:

These Things For Strings Are Called Double Quotes!

Parambir Sajwan says:

codes are very small can’t see anything.


This is great!

Cathrine Evans says:

wow i love this tutorial but can’t see clearly please improve on that

Eetu Niinimäki says:

10/10 kys

Vodka viking says:

one of the best channels on YouTube to learn codeing

Dhilon Vaghela says:

Dude great tutorial

Mahamat Youssouf says:

Hi sir! You write very small( no clearly to see what you written)…big mistake. Thanks.

Sawerboy Swag says:

i learned this in 5 minutes at codecademy

Deniz Isikli says:

what if it is fucking microsoft. are you so fucking dumb

TheCruzader !!! says:

Oh my god i am eleven and I understand JavaScript thanks to this guy

Peter Bergmann says:

Really helpful, Thanks!

Tihai Naaana says:

is that a [] or () for the arrays?

Noelio Emerald-Isle says:

*You should have this on increased mag*

Miner24687 says:

Thx dude

Tafara Sibanda says:

Great staff..Thanks

Reflexez says:

Can you write java in visual studio like C++?

DRam R says:

Great way of teaching,wish the screen was a little bigger

Certified Banger says:

Where have you been all my life

Animalfor12 says:


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