JavaScript Video Tutorial Pt 1

Best JavaScript Book :

Here I teach you how to write JavaScript programs in just 30 minutes. I specifically cover : JavaScript Datatypes, Embedding JavaScript, Linking to JavaScript, Conditional Statements, Looping, Arrays, Strings, Functions and much more.

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LSUPikachu says:

i ‘m making a virus

imod5 says:

One thing I don’t understand regarding continue and break in while loops, is if they ignore anything that follows between the parentheses in the while loop, why is the document.write function then executed?

Outdoor Activities says:

Excellent! I am at the very beginning of teaching my granddaughter to code. This is an outstanding introduction to not only Javascript but to coding in general. Kids get bored easily but I don’t think she will be bored by this!

Narayan Sampath says:

if you know any programming language just please skip this video all it has is just what is variable, how you name them, types of variables and basic stuff

Frank Moss says:

Actually, I thought it was great! I am learning Java, so I appreciate the opportunity to go through quickly just to see what is different between the two. Thanks!

Russell Scott says:

Hey Derek do you have any tutorials on creating Browser extensions ?

Ali Alavi says:

Hey Derek,
I like it so much. Going fast though everything is what I was looking for. It gave an overall understanding of JavaScript and if I need details of anything, I can refer to the reference documents for that. Keep making videos like this 🙂

Trip Foundation says:

thanks it was very nice and has helped me alot

Nelly Tadi says:

Sincerely, I love you so much for all your effort. So far i have learnt a lot because of your tutorials. God bless you

Jeff Dunn says:

This style is great for me. There is another channel on the Internet called “Conversational Korean” that has a similar ‘rapid deployment’ of information. I really appreciate it, because, I do get bored with a slower presentation.
Please keep it up, and I will keep up my subscription for sure!

Srinivas Siddarth says:

Hi, Derek, you are the fastest teacher but still i can grasp every bit of it, in one go. By the way did anyone else tell you that you sound like Howard Stern? You have a great voice. Man you should try to have your own talk show. Thanks a lot for all your wonderful videos.They are Very very very educating and informative.!

Hari Pandey says:

Great Job!…. Man you made me hover through the whole coding thing in just one go… awesome !

Paul Zak says:

This was a great quick overview. Helpful if you are coming from another scripting language.

Paul Foster England says:

I love your tutorials man, but the fact that you sound like Reverend Lovejoy from The Simpsons is very distracting and amusing 🙂

Asif Hakim says:

can some one tell me what the name of application that he used is called or tell me the link thnx:)

Ali Alavi says:

Btw, it would be good if you recommend an editor for JavaScript and/or show how you make JSs within HTMLs.

Mulagura says:

Why ? Please expalin anyone

Lilly Mannie says:

This is the best beginner Javascript tutorial I’ve watched – thank you

murugesan V says:

can any one send me a channel which teaches me to create an website

bikash khadka says:

do we need to put break after default

Ana Souza says:

Great as always, Derek!

Thank you so much for sharing relevant information!

nezih .t says:

This was perfect!! Thank you!

Abel H says:

i have rewached this a coupple times. but i cant really catch what program you say your using…

Shubhro Gupta says:

Hey… how did you write all of the code inside the comment tag, and the output was shown?
Things written inside the comment tag is not visible in the output.

Dan Kinney says:

this is great for people who learned all this before and just haven’t used javascript in 2 years!

Non-existent Mist says:

Thank you.

Shaun Pritchard says:

good refresher tutorial man! loved it, great job dude!

Uni says:

It’s interesting listening to your uncertainty about cramming so much into one video given what’s come since.

hiUpeople723 says:

I took a small break from learning JavaScript and I didn’t feel like going back and learning from all of the modules that I originally learned from. This video is the perfect review. Thank you so much!

Marven Policarpio says:

awesome its like a crash course for people who do programming and curious what is javascript

Majda Kamal says:

Can u make a tutorial on JavaScript for kids?

Jimmy Chan says:

Anyone knows how to make to localhost to test your file like he did? There are thousands of different sources when I searched about it. NodeJs, WAMP, XAMPP, so on. I want the exact one as the one on the video. Thx

tanoop aravind says:

yo man it went like a jet

Meet Sorathia says:

Good job !!

Enrique Carrasco says:

mai frien barry ji dont nou jou to ingi haved haved

Shaun Pritchard says:


Chance Woodworth says:


RonnetClaw says:

Derek Banas is GOD.

Jonathan Plasky says:

Pro Tip, click the settings —> click speed –> set to 0.75, enjoy!!!!!

MrOneWolfe says:

The speed tutorial is a great idea, really love it 😀

phisherPhisher says:

Actually the following is evaluated to false:

– false
– 0
– NaN
– “”
– null
– undefined

Eric Johnson says:

Your videos are excellent. Thank you!

Trish Ladd says:

It might be worth noting that toFixed causes a number to become a string, I did notice that you referred to it as a string several times and used typeOf to show that it was a string – but this might get missed by a person new to JS, which is why I put this comment in, though it probably won’t get seen by many.

So if you do use toFixed and then add it to a number you get a concatenated value, rather than an actual total. Made this mistake early in my JS career.

Pavel Minetskiy says:

“completely crazy”))) I like it. Thank you for your lesson!!

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