JSON and AJAX Tutorial: With Real Examples

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In this JavaScript tutorial we learn what JSON and AJAX are and how to use them to load new data into our webpage on-the-fly.

JSON URLs I use in the video:

Link to “beginning” demo code so you can follow along: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/QKPJmW

Link to “completed” demo code so you can see a final working example: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/RGOqQY

Link to my “JavaScript in Half an Hour” video I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPHerhks2Vg

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Salman Creation says:

Thanks a lot Bro . Today i learn JSON and AJAX Only for you and I feel i can do more thing with AJAX and JSON.
Really I was very think about this two , but now i think is it easy and only for you it happed. Just Awesome. Best wish for you Dear. For a new learner this video is best ever.ok

Dr. Mollah Md Awlad Hossain says:

Very clean tutorial

Joel Franco says:

This guy has a gift in teaching

Phong Phung says:

thank you so much !

Ramesh Munjal says:

Wow , You are a wonderful teacher. I admire you.

Shubisa Nama says:

Clean and excellent presentation. I watched this video many times with all its commercials. I will be watching more of your videos. Thank you for making this for us, specially for me. 🙂

MrHwil says:

I followed along, typing into my text editor. Thanks for the tut! 😀

Evan Becker says:

Isn’t XMLHttpRequest deprecated?

Gerdun Brusk says:

Thank you so much, mate! It was a pleasure to follow, listen to, and learn from you. Now a big fan certainly 🙂

Aleksandri Prifti says:

Many video tutorials out there, by far this is the best one.

George Geschwend says:

Great. I do JavaScript once in a while… then promptly forget it. Starting to learn AJAX with MVC…and want something more on the granular level.

Anish Jhaveri says:

I have a doubt, can we store a List in JSON, by list i mean a obtained List from java data bean

mohammad Rokey says:

amazing tutorial

Felix Green says:

The best tutorial I have ever seen on Youtube. Thx 🙂

Chipitutuber says:

Thank you very much for this amazing tutorial. You help me a lot to understand what is JSON and AJAX and how they works. You have my like 😀

pastuh says:

Possible VUEjs?

uptownsean says:

Thanks for explaining this you’re really good at teaching! Subscribed and ready to learn more!

Football Art says:

Veeeery useful tutorial, thanks for this and waiting new lessons

CoolDude says:

Very nicely explained. JSON and AJAX concepts were alien to me for very long time and now all of my doubts are cleared.

HueDroid says:

Very very very well done. Not often I find tutorials of this caliber on Youtube.

Archie Wells says:

Another top notch vid! Clear, concise. Thanks!

Dev String says:

thank you. THANK YOU!!!!

I’ve been learning to code already for a good while, and I was trying to figure out how to simply get some data from API, but every tutorial i watched or documentation I read, i got confused. I just got lost and started thinking that I don’t know anything and that I’m just not good at all this. This just proves that it’s all about the way you teach, and that most people just are bad at it, even though they might be good programmers. You’ve earned a subscription!

Gopinath Ghanghao says:

your Json and ajax video is very nice. thanks

My Tran says:

great video! it definitely cleared up a lot of confusion I had! thank you for your efforts in making this!

이중훈 says:

very clear video. thanks take my thumbs up!

Shardul Nalegave says:

Your tutorials are just amazing. I am just 12 years old so sometimes it is very hard to understand people speaking in English ( I am an Indian ) but thanks to you as you speak very clearly.

Mykola Samila says:

Лютий плюс тобі, чувак

Alicethetic says:

I found this lesson to be quite informative and easily understandable. Well done, Sir. Thank you.

Ivan Ilievski says:

In the last 4 years of tutorials i have seen so far, this one have the number one spot. Bro Keep it up, this is insanely good. You blown my mind. So easy and practical to fallow you. Wow, i mean wow!!!!

ValchyGaming says:

How did you make your code public like that? I mean I am trying to that as well but dont know how, ik it is on GitHub but I cant make the actual code only public wiht an url like you did. Please help somebody :/

Munaf Hajir says:


Corey redding says:

thank you my lord

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