Learn JavaScript in 12 Minutes

Learn the fundamental features of JavaScript – the language used to add dynamic, interactive content to websites. I teach you how to get started with JavaScript, how to use variables, operators, arrays, properties, methods, custom functions, conditionals and loops. In 12 minutes.




———- Text Editors ———-

For Windows users, I recommend using Notepad++ to edit HTML files:

For Mac users, I recommend Sublime Text:



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Skupe says:

Thx so much :DDD

JAPerson34 says:

You may just have broken down my brick wall with learning this game called Screeps.

Prathap Reddy says:

hai i want use javascript for not logout site how to writre javascript for that

Tim Walsh says:

Nicely done! Definitely worth 12 minutes of your time.

Escape the Matrix says:

Great video, thanks.

Masud Rana says:

Nicely done mate

Andras Horvath says:

nice work

TSSomensi says:

This is the tutorial of my dreams, i wish every tutorial ever was like this, thank you.

Dev Kathrecha says:

alert (Great Explanation ! Thanks For Sharing To Us !);

bluekachu gaming says:

i made a javascript code that looks like this
confirm(“do you want to start”);
var age = prompt(“what is your age”);

if(age <= 12) { confirm("your not allowed to play"); } else { confirm("your allowed to play"); } alert(age); var Name = prompt("what is your name"); alert(Name); var home = prompt("where do you live"); alert(home);

Elias Housseini says:


Christian Lozada says:

Hey I’m just starting to learn a new language. And I chose Javascript. Thanks for the introduction! Do you have any other tutorials?

Bossanovask8 says:

thank you man, you the real mvp xD

aniket i says:

Am I missing something at 8.52 my output just says Hello, Bob 🙁

Jared Turner says:

Jake > awesome

Jacob Benton says:

Thank you sooooo much for this! I needed it to get the highest grade in an I.T. exam

Essa conta não precisa de um nome says:

javascript isnt java, but if you know java you can understand javascript better

YoutubeWatchJW says:

what you were typing in ( the thing on the left) where do I get that
ps: please help

Manoj Bandara says:

This is Dope!

TheNoah says:

< !DOCTYPE html>


Broken Arrow says:

Okay… so you very concisely showed how to write javascript, but didn’t really talk about its uses nor rationale. I have zero knowledge of this… so although I understand how to write all the scripts and everything thanks to your video, without a brief ‘this is what this is for… and this is the rationale behind this…’ then I do not know what all this is for. That said, I understood your html, css intros because I had some previous intro to those languages… and you did mention their uses and functions… but this… don’t know. I would need to get the background as to its uses and whatever before I can understand the logic behind random commands.

feffsi says:

Thanks for explaining everything quickly and simple, I hate long and slow tutorials!!

kd williams says:

Very nicely done. May have to subscribe soon!

Borislav Dinev says:

Can someone explain to me what is the difference between Java,HTML,C#,JavaScript,PHP because it looks the same to me.. :/ tnx

Vanessa Clifton says:

Why use strings to write sentences when you can write it in HTML?

Pierson Taylor says:

how do i put a rectangle/square in my doc?

uber sucks says:

was faster than 12 minutes for me because I sped up the video since I get distracted fast and my mind moves a million miles an hour. good vid, thanks. I don’t even need to learn JS, I’m just bored.

mimi 'ya says:

Where to put the script? What I write to download it?

Martin Nikolov says:


Alaa Kassab says:

you look like that you already know what you are doing.
i wonder why did you stop making videos!?

Varun Murarishetty says:

Thanks for explaining the javascripts (initial level) in specific time..this video helped me.

Omar nazih says:

Next tut – learn java & python in 5 minutes

juan eblak says:

🙁 i don’t understand

Amitrajit Bose says:

document.write(“Thanks a lot Jake”);

Football Only says:

Man when you know c++ its very easy to understand any language. Thank you Jake , we want more

L K says:

What IDE is he using?

Candy Boy says:

Это даже лучше, чем видео Дударя. Спасибо!

jordan Novakovic says:

I know, retard question, but what exactly did the ++ do around 4:30?

Steven Buchholz says:

how do you get that black page to first start

ouriel gananian says:

Those vids are stupid, you can’t even learn the basic in this time

Steven WJ Richards says:

Great video, very clear.

Srushti Bhoyar says:

One of the best video I ever seen, Thank you so much

thunder storm 26910 says:

can you please post a video on java please

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