Node.js Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Node in 1 Hour

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00:00 What is Node
03:01 Node Architecture
06:04 How Node Works
10:29 Installing Node
13:01 Your First Node Program
15:22 Node Module System
15:52 Global Object
19:14 Modules
22:51 Creating a Module
27:35 Loading a Module
32:59 Module Wrapper Function
39:53 Path Module
44:03 OS Module
48:22 File System Module
53:14 Events Module
59:33 Event Arguments
01:02:43 Extending EventEmitter
01:10:46 HTTP Module

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Javier Treviño says:

I just wanna say thank you, this was really good. I learned exactly what I wanted to learn which is the basics of node to be able to do some basic file manipulation for my front-end projects. Thanks, good job.

Samya Nandy says:

Sir give us some tricky examples that we should remember before facing any supreme company interview

William Romero says:

What a great from scratch tutorial… Thank you!

Alexis Silva says:

Thanks for this great introduction tutorial, very clear 😉

Nitish Kasar says:

Superb Work, Really appreciate your efforts

BillyNeverDies says:

Mosh is the best!!!

Priya Sivakumar says:

Making people’s life easy. Thank you ☺

P Pow says:

I love your presentations. Pleasant voice too. Thank you.

Jhetlhynne Lleve says:

What do u use: jshint vs eslint?

benniy c bascom says:

these may just be the best tutorials i’ve ever seen! just enrolled in your course – thanks for the great work.

aditya pranav says:

is node analogous to JVM ?

Deli Sandor says:

Great tutorial thank you Mosh

wielma 00 says:


Reshak Narayan says:

Nailed it! May God bless you.

Quang Tran says:

Do you have any couse about creating a CMS using Mean project with Angular 4/5 ?

wielma 00 says:


Outlander Outlander says:

wow! Best node tut ever!
Could you please tell me which software did you use for video effects and sounds?

imanmx says:

damet garm! aaaalie videohat. merci

yoga viswani yadalam says:

Great tutorial !!

Prashob Mathiyambath says:

You are Amazing, itried several blogs including stackoverflow to run simple “Hello world”, nothing worked then finally reached here it worked like charm ! you are simply great !

Leo Zeng says:

Well, such a good tutorial! you did a great job!!

Luffy Dragneel says:

why is that in the module wrapper function code the file name and directory name are displayed whereas we are only exporting the log function? And the console.log methods are not inside the log function. How is that possible: accesing a part of code that is not exported? Thank you.

NOCDIB says:

My goodness. You have seriously set the standard for programming tutorials. This is amazing.

Amir Hosain Meysami says:

You are awesome.

Pranav Nandan says:

awesome way of teachin!

SPD says:

Very well explained. Thank you.

Habib Al Jawad says:

thanks you so much mosh! this is so helpful for me

Austin Holloway says:

This was very helpful and clear. Thanks.

Ayça Küçükdurmaz says:

This was the best tutorial I’ve seen on the topic. You ARE a hero that’s true. Thanks a lot! Your other courses in that link look great too!! I wish your courses could’ve been available a lot cheaper for fulltime students though. 🙁

rickyu1978 says:

thanks mosh for putting it on udemy, its good to have all courses in one place.

Vugar says:

Tried to buy this great course today. Unfortunately, The price has raised from 60$ to 90$. It is a pity that there is no student discount for such awesome course….

szach gr says:

great explanation ! 🙂

Tejomay Saha says:

great! cleared every thing about node fundamentals.great.keep it up.

Icarus says:

@1:09:51 why did “message” show up before the args?

My Tran says:

thank you for this! perfect review before my interview!

Agung Laksana says:

Hi Mosh, thanks for your great tutorial, I am junior iOS developer, and actually I have no experience in web development, I need to learn about node.js and before starting the course about node.js, I need to learn about javascript first. There is a topic in javascript called DOM (document object model). so before starting the course, Do I have to learn about DOM first? or is it OK if I just learn the basic and advance syntax of Javascript like object, Map etc etc, I want to understand node.js as fast as I can actually. Thanks in advance 🙂

Saurabh Gangamwar says:

Best video on the internet for Node.js thanks, man.

frank oceanffg says:

you are gonna be the reason i get a job <3

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