Simon Game JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

In this JavaScript game tutorial, you will learn how to create a Simon game using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Every line of JavaScript is explained.

🔗Full code:
🔗HTML file:
🔗CSS file:

Tutorial by Beau Carnes.

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Sebo says:

I am confused? On lines 89 and 78 of the index.js I get a “Uncaught TypeError” and its says “document.getElementbyID is not a function”???

Lune lagune says:

Guys Look at this please, have tried stack overflow….
VM144 index.js:22 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘addEventListener’ of null
at VM144 index.js:22
(anonymous) @ VM144 index.js:22

index.js:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Identifier ‘order’ has already been declared
at VM144 index.js:1
(anonymous) @ index.js:1

Thirumalai vasan says:

#Impressive && motivational channel;

on () {
the whole planet!;

love you Team ❤❤❤❤

Xanris says:

I have recently subscribed to you, and the only thing i regret is that a single day only has 24 hours…I would need 72 hour days just to be able take all the information in… for someone who was always challenged in programming, you are a huge help and you are great teachers.
Thank you for all your time and effort you put into these videos!

Stouridge says:

great tutorial

chloe price says:

thank you for this video ! ^^
just one question : in the html file you gave an id and a class to one element, why ? could we only give the id ? beacuse the class has not been used in the css file. (it’s this line : )

Argee Learner says:

can you make another video on how you made the html and css?

herbert kavuma says:

Thanks make more game tutorials

David Stampher says:

Hi thanks for the video.

At around 22 minutes in, when you use the if statement with strictButton.checked, couldn’t you just do strict = strictButton.checked and not even need the conditional?

RunOs says:

A most excellent video

bhagya panda says:

can you make a video how to fork a cryptocoin for knowledge purpose

Abhishek shah says:

Just when I was looking for sources to learn Javascript, this video appeared. I already Love but these videos are cherry on the cake. Love it.

Ryan RC says:

Thanks for this helpful video.

Tri Rizki says:

C++ course please

Balaji Srivatsa says:

pls do videos like this……don’t stop your KT. I am always watching your videos. An inspiration for Programmers.:-)

Aravind Myd says:

Great series. Best channel for a reason 🙂

Keenan Smith says:

Funny this is my side project for my coding boot camp. I broke mine from breaking someone else’s lol.

S.L. Ting says:

That looks like the requirements of the assignment example. But wait, I thought students are supposed to figure it out to complete the assignment on their own if they can and not just copy or spoon feed? If they work in this field, they can’t rely on others all the time to complete their own job…Freecodecamp resources should be ample and good for its purpose I think, but for those looking for more maybe i.e. 4.8 or higher rated Udemy free and paid courses can help:

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