Snake Game – HTML5 Game Programming Tutorial [javascript]

In this video are we creating a simple game using javascript and html. The tutorial are adapted for both beginners and more intermediate coders who wish to learn how to structure game code, use basic data structors useful for game programming (like graphs, queues and so on), and other type of game programming technics.

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Matt says:

if ranked from beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert … what category of developer would you expect to be able to write this kind of program?

Script Kiddie says:

how to you type left and right arrow so fast?

Nicat Manafov says:

What program do you use to code html5?

Nik Frid says:

amazing ! explain? for who? video only for professionals!

sheepdogbenable says:

Have got stuck at the first point u display the .html file. Error reads: cannot read property “appendChild” of null. Have done everything exactly up to 15:28 as far as I know

Atabeg Ruslan says:


Chicken Animations says:

< !doctype html>


Chicken Animations says:

all that showed was white

Geek of Games says:

you can even speek like people

B BC says:

I can’t understand this dude what is that some European accent?

TheManne Manne says:

set speed=0.5 and you start to understand stuff…

xaw greeny says:

< !doctype html>

Snake Game

Сергей Соболев says:

hey, if you want to make it slowlier just past this at the end of function draw() – setTimeout(draw, 100); 100 is milliseclnds, so you can change it)

Aman Tiwari says:

Which IDE did you use?? please reply

Isabelle Tb says:

How can we change the speed of the snake? I find is pretty fast

Nik Frid says:

thank you! professional!

Lhorrd Lester P. Quiroz says:

Sir can I get the codes of this for my project please reply asap

Loxyx says:

Keep up the great work!

jackson campbell says:

what program are you using?

Justin Cho says:

mine doesn’t goes up&down and i don’t know the reason,,,

Isabelle Tb says:

How can we add a background image in the canvas?

ItzMEEEE says:

hey. how could I add a start menu/screen?

Joel Persson says:

“Unexpected token <" ??? help please

Anand Bisht says:

hi here i have copied the code but its not working plz help
< !doctype html>

My snake game

Skye Clayton says:

This is not for beginners

Ricky Jenkins says:

is there a way to make the snake slower?

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