Tutorial – Learn How to Create a Basic JavaScript Calculator

Learn how to create a very basic JavaScript calculator. Every section of code of is explained.


Joshua Hodgkins says:

wot is javscrit? didn’t werk on my windoes 98 pce :/

Jay Watson says:

Using ActivInspire for screencast.

Casey Brinegar says:

where is the javascript at?

Đức Linh Phạm says:

0.5 – 0.6 = -0.09999999999999998
Why ? I need your help. Thanks !

Chamath Hansana says:

first of all I want to thank you for this valuable vedio. after the lessons of programming languages my first task was to create a calculator. i tried and tried but i failed. I watched many tutorials but all were very complicated and spent a whole day. finally I w found your vedio today and made a simple cal in 30 minutes. thank you MR.JAY WATSON.

Rachel Morgan says:

is there a way to make this an exe file?

Koiden says:

Great video 🙂

Noman Ashiq says:

First of all thanks for sharing this helpful video but there is a small issue in this calculator when we perform this action 2+2/4 collectively the answer become 2.5 which is wrong the right answer is 1 why ? Need help

Glendon Philipp Baculio says:


Mohamad Mujahid says:

thanks. i learn a lot form this tutorial. please make a lot more videos like this 🙂

Jonathon Fowler says:


Sobeida Lagrange says:

So thorough, thanks!!!

ayaz khan says:

#calculator {
position: relative;
width: 300px;
border: 2px solid black;
border-radius: 4px;

input[tupe=button] {
background: light grey;
width: 20%;
font-size: 20px;
font-weight: 900;
margin: 2%;
border-radius: 4px;

input[type=text] {
position: relative;
display: black;
width: 90%;
margin: 5px auto;
fontsize: 20 px;

it has no effect on the work done before ?? am confused please help me out

Moha Kaba says:

Thanks, Jay. Just made my first calculator with your help. Cool!

James Gerhard says:

What code writer are you using?

Anthony Grigorian says:

Thanks for the demonstration, took me so many Hours just to make the numbers appear on the screen!

ayaz khan says:

Hi the buttons and everything is working fine except the styling CSS you have tried there is not working with me here ? can you please hep me out why is it happening ?

Renata K says:

Hilarious, thanks.

oceej0 says:

This was such an eye-opener, thank you. You made things so clear. I’m grateful, thank you.
Some parts I will go over again, just to see how it works more clearly.
Thanks again.

CodeTutor says:

Great one! But what if I want to clear only one digit and not the whole?

Nathalie Cary says:

Great video & great humour 😉 thanks

Mudah Belajar Pemrograman says:

Please who want to learn to make a calculator using bootstrap + javascript and later can be android apk file could visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkynGCxpQjs
Thank you 🙂

fostex1984 says:

My phone case be supa fly what you trippin on?

John Corum says:

+Jay Watson, I don’t mean to be that one guy, but why don’t you use an external style sheet to organize your code better?

Joseph Jennings says:

Everything was easy and useful here… but the audio seemingly being in slow motion kinda killed me in the process lol.

Carlos Beato says:

this was hilarious and insightful. thank you

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