What is Object-oriented Programming? (JavaScript Tutorial)

Let’s learn the very basics of Object-oriented Programming with JavaScript. We begin talking about objects at ~5:38. Link to my new “Git a Developer Job” course: https://www.udemy.com/git-a-web-developer-job-mastering-the-modern-workflow/?couponCode=YOUTUBE-HALF-OFF

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Yougle says:

Good and clear teaching! Thank you!

Online University says:

Appreciate your efforts to explain all technical aspects. Really enjoy learning from your videos. Requesting to do a video tutorial on Javascript Prototype from basics. You are the best teacher!!

Arnoldo Umaña says:

Wauuu you are a great teacher!!! great job.. I hope you could teach ES6.. would be wonderful…

Oskar Bravo says:

This guy is the shit. Best JS tuts on YouTube. Wish I watched this, before reading a whole chapter of a book on the same subject!!!

Rimpy Saini says:

good job Brad Schiff.. you should make playlist of oop js… we are waiting for it

Cajetan Goes says:

Hello Sir, I must say your tutorials are very helpful and easy to understand. Please let me know if you have any PHP Tutorials.
Thanks one again.

bunny boy says:

u made me comment

Ankit Arya says:

this was amazing! this was fucking amazing….!! this was amazing biatch!!! thank you mate.

నలిని కోన says:

piece to piece explanation is really good 🙂

Azeem Zaidi says:

Hi Brad, you are amazing. Can I please have a link to your next lecture on JS? Really appreciate. Thanks

EpicKingdom_ says:

Better at teaching than my teachers at college.

tobi olawoyin says:

please what is link to your course on udemy, i understood object oriented Programming you are the best…

Sharky P says:

can you please make content like this for everything? I rather watch this than to learn from my bootcamp

Harsha Vardhan says:

This one let me easily understand compared to all other tutorials I’ve read/listened to yet. I like how you introduce the need for a certain practice of coding.
Thank you:)

Geordy James says:

Excellent tutorial

Lloyd Mangin says:

best tuts….

Katia Alamir says:

This is really really good. It was easy to follow and made a lot of sense. I needed to know this quickly and painlessely.

Jijin Jayakumar says:

simply awesome, the best tutor ever 🙂 (y)

Yashasvi says:

@LearnWebCode Hey! Is it necessary to include “this” keyword in the console.log statement? Like, for example, in Java, when a method access it’s own property (like “name”) it already knows that the property that is being accessed is of that particular object itself?

Krisztián Takács says:

Simple the best tutorial ever!

Kumar Ujjwal says:

you are awesome…………man….you helped me clear so much confusion…………..this is cool

nicolae marius says:

My new favorite video of JS.

gerardmartitv says:

I still cannot comprehend or understand how a voice can make you internalize things like literally 10 times faster.

Maybe it’s due to you kind of, as you talk, you pick the just essential words to be understood to perfection.

I’m blown up, love you. A lot. Can I suggest teaching a “Java for android apps” on Udemy? I’d be the first to enroll.

Abraham says:

Just bought your course! Looking for forward to it <3 Thanks bunches.

Rehman Ghani says:

Best Tutorial on Object Oriented in Javascript.

Ivan Petrović-Poljak says:

On the part:
this.greet = function () {
console.log = “My name is ” + this.name + ” and my favourite color is ” + this.favColor + “.”;

It worked without the “this” in the console.log.

harmonicator says:

super awesome helpful Brad, thanks!

kebba Kanyi says:

When it only takes you just a few minutes of watching someone explain a topic so well that you just have to subscibe.

Mark Warren says:


Chris Beldam says:

Anyone know what text editor/theme he is using in this video?

colonelvector says:

The way you structured this lesson, layering concepts, is brilliant. You explain complex ideas really well

Sushmit Sagar Gaur says:

at 8:25 u said it would be better to keep constructor code in separate file which we will learn in next lesson but i couldn’t find that video on your channel. can u please mention that video here which shows how to separate that Person constructor code from the rest of the code.

btw great job, very well explained best tutorial on OOP in Javascript.
Thank you.

bharath poduri says:

Thank you so much. Where is the follow up lesson?

Aleksandar Panov says:

Bravo. Thank you.

Tijmen J. says:

damn, this was so easy to grasp. now I get it.
now everyone is like, you should do object oriented, no you should do function oriented, can’t you just use both instead? I mean, every type serves a different purpose, right. sometimes use cases intersect. or am I deadwrong?

Kamalesh Kamalesh says:

Very well explained.

Christopher Kellett says:

Agreed with the comments below – this is one of the clearest explanations on OOP I’ve seen. Thanks a lot.

Deepak Bhagat says:

One of the best tutorial on Js Objects, stay tuned & stay blessed..

J.J. Solanki says:

you are one of the best — THANKS

Bruno Nogueira says:

awesome content 🙂

Matthew Park says:

I would love to take your course if you offer more advanced js courses. I don’t know how I ended up here (LOL) but I just love the way you present the material & explain things as simply as possible.

I can see how your video/courses would be immensely valuable to people who are just starting & knowing what I know now, I would have paid several hundred dollars to attend your courses, not $29.00 five years ago.

I really feel that other instructors should just watch your video so that they can learn how to do instruction video right. sigh…

For other people thinking about taking his courses, this is what I wish to say.

IMHO, Brad is by far the best online instructor at Udemy, Treehouse, Lynda, or anywhere else.

Ankit Thakur says:

hey, great lesson.
i have a query, how do I output this to the page?? instead of console.log if I use document.getElementById(“idname”).innerHTML = this.name + this.favoriteColor; it overwrites the previous inputs i.e. of John, or is there any other way of doing so??

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