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MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language which is frequently being used by engineering and science students. In this course, we will start learning MATLAB from a beginner level, and will gradually move into more technical and advanced topics. This course is designed to be general in scope which means that it will be beneficial to students in any major. Once, passed a certain learning thresholds, you will definitely enjoy MATLAB Programming. The key benefit of MATLAB is that it makes the programming available to everyone and is very fast to turn ideas into working products compared to some of the conventional programming languages such as Java, C, C++, visual basic and others.

Topics covered in the course:
Instructor and Course Introduction
Handling variables and Creating Scripts
Doing Basic Math in MATLAB
Operations on Matrices
Advance Math Functions with Symbolic Data Type
Interacting with MATLAB and Graphics
Importing Data into MATLAB
File Handling and Text Processing
MATLAB Programming
Sharing Your MATLAB Results
Cell Data Type
Tables and Time Tables
Working with Structures and Map Container Data Type
Converting between Different Data Types


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hi joseph im enjoying your tutorials…have a quick question i previously commeted before in one of ur vids..question is how do i run a script a boot up using crontab -e …how do i go about doing that in ur previous tutorial u showed us how to use macchanger a bootup how a go about a script at boot

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@45:44 the result was different because you changed the values from -9 to -8, not because of the order.

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