How to Create a GUI with GUIDE – MATLAB Tutorial

Learn how to create a graphical user interface using GUIDE, the graphical user interface development environment of MATLAB.
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nuhana mz says:

This video help me so much! Thank you. can you please make a video about ‘how to make total time running for image processing appear in GUI using MATLAB’? Thank you.

Athira Nair S says:

Does this work for Matlab version 2016?

Hong An says:

don’t understand the data part and handle. guess i will watch more to catch up)

Revanth Kanakamamidi says:

This vedio demonstrates the use of GUI and it is convenient than code I enjoyed vedio

Owen Pressing says:


Haider Ali says:

One of the best videos so far, Can you kindly upload how to make music equalizer using the frequencies..Would mean a lot

Anderson Canteli says:

Hello, I’m using matlab 2015b to create a program to adjust some models. It work perfectly.
But, i’m having problems to change the icon of the executable file.
For exemple, the white colors of the figure that a insert to became the icon changes to black. The figure is in png format.
Any suggestions?

jauuloo says:

Does anyone know, how to create a GUI with code ? Or where I get more information about programming like this ? I want to build the GUI with code, so it is more flexible when I do have to make changes

Erick Lamilla says:

I’m trying to create the same example GUI in matlab R2017a but the PopUpmenu doesn’t work. I have this first error: gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:}); Any suggestions?

Javier Benavides says:

Could you help me with the code to visualize VR Sink (3D Simulink design) on an axis guide ?. Thank you!

Swordmaster says:

Thank you very much for a very helpful tutorial.

I would like to ask a question, as I experience a problem and cannot find the source of it yet. I tried to type the code as in the video but I get the error messages that point out to “switch” command and says “SWITCH expression must be a scalar or string constant.”

I would greatly appreciate your help!

Thank you in advance.

Muhammad Tahir says:

great video,but i want to know how can we assign excel sheet as input on one input button same as other button get the target value and when i push button the ANN runs and display the result on graphs?

Nelson Darwin Pak Tech says:

Its good,,,but would u like to check some of the gui’s,,,,

Hoàng Mạnh says:

Video is really heplful but my English not really good enough to understand all of it

sharmo abdirahman says:

Plz How Can I plot f(x1,x2)=x 1 exp^(-x 1^3-x2^3) in the square[-2,4]x[-2,4] using matlab

Sơn Đỗ Anh says:

Nhanh vcl…ai học matlab thầy nam thấy nó đánh máy như 1 vị thần điểm roanh :v

Jose Carlos Ramirez Delgado says:

i cannot use the option Contour nor the PopUp menu, i’m new in GUI, help me please 🙁

Thomas Marullo says:

How do the surf, mesh functions know to plot on the axes object? I don’t see where you assign that plot handle to the output of the surf or mesh function.

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