MATLAB Debugging Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to debug code in MATLAB using breakpoints. Table of contents below.

00:00 – Introduction
00:55 – Breakpoints
01:20 – Placing a breakpoint
02:13 – Running code with an error
02:40 – Running code with a breakpoint
03:44 – Taking a step/executing one line at a time
04:31 – Typing in the command window while debugging
05:15 – Finding and fixing an error
05:40 – Quitting debugging
06:34 – Continue code until next breakpoint
07:00 – Adding feedback in code
07:49 – Conditional breakpoints
08:39 – Finding and fixing another error
09:44 – Conclusion


Michalis Hadjikakou says:

Brilliant stuff man! Exactly what I needed! Thanks a lot!

Andy Westwood says:

I was very pleased to read that you are teaching, these Matlab tutorials are more easily absorbed than the MIT OpenCourseWare Matlab recordings.
I had encountered Conditional Breakpoints, but your method of placing code-snippets from the function into the Command space is a clever idea.
Thanks so much !

Pablo Ubiratan says:

Thanks man very clear explanation!

Fernando Daniel Muiños says:

Great tutorial. Thanks.

Jaafar BENDRISS says:

Thank you man !

totolipton says:

Omg thank you so much. I have programmed in matlab for years without using debugger, and  this is the first time ever I learned that conditional break points exist!

Sozialbutter says:

Thank you so much !!! You saved my code as well as my ass

Balasundaram K says:

very helpful

Hamed Teekany says:

Very good teacher you are

Meimei Dai says:

very clear and helpful. thanks!! especially the conditional breakpoint , saved me a lot of time! 🙂

Immorpher says:

“dbstop if error” is a life saver as well if you use a ton of functions!

Tejaswi Samrat Dasari says:

clear explanation.Is it your hobby or do you teach at any institute ?
Thanks !

Jieqiong XIAO says:

I like your tutorial and voice

Mohamed AbdelFattah Ali says:

Appreciation for your excellent efforts. Thanks a lot.

Mo Hossam says:

Thank you man

pedrojpzzz says:

Good tutorial, thank you

Zennouhi Mustapha says:

merci pour l’information

Alejandro Nieto says:

very useful!

ngoc tu nguyen says:

I had to log in to say THANKS. You saved my ass man.

Sultan Alzahrani says:

Very informative…
Thanks a lot

Joel Lewis says:

Great video! Thank you so much

Bruno M says:

Very useful, and clear explanation. Thank you very much!

salim louhichi says:

good job bro !

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