MATLAB Function Plotting Basics

Screencast on the basics of plotting one-variable (two-dimensional) functions in MATLAB. Discusses the philosophy of how MATLAB makes plots, the PLOT function, potential pitfalls when making plots, and the HOLD ON/HOLD OFF and FIGURE commands.


Adithya Vignesh J says:

Thank you so much!

ahmed alqayssi says:

thank you very much very nice video

greatsea says:

how to get rid of asymptotes? e.g. 1/x. I just want the curve where x is defined to show, not the asymptote

Boobarella says:

Very sexy Robby, thank you

tanjina akter says:

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Aman Dhakal says:


Brandon Phan says:

This is amazing, thanks.

looking4musics says:

plz help!
i difined an own function of the variables x,y,z.
so now i want to plot the whole thing with fixed values for y and z and over x, wich is supposed to be a vector.
so i created the vector r=0:0.01:1
and tried: plot(f(r.,2,3)), but it doesnt do the trick. how do i get my own fuction to swallow a vector for x?

Haseeb Rehmani says:

thank you very much , this tutorial is very useful again, thank you.

Mohd Sa says:

How to shade the region between y=sinx and y=x^2. What command do you use? Is the command will work for three or four functions?
Thank you so much

Mohammad shahili says:

how would you plot a piecewise function in Matlab?

신비 says:

I like to draw a flower using oval and circle functions


Great stuff. Easy plot and linear fit in 60s:

zephyr says:

Great video. Super clear and helpful.

Portgas D. Ace says:


ChrissMeliss says:

This really helped me a lot. You’re great at explaining, I found it very clear and concise! Thank you!!!

Ahmed Akad says:

thank you very much , sir

lauren kim says:

New to Matlab and every tutorial has pretty much been too confusing except yours. Also I really appreciate the purposeful errors. Btwy our voice sounds like Memphis from Happy Feet, thats the dad of mumble lol

SamsulAlom25 says:

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Elpha Phoenix says:

Cool tutorial!

bunc11 says:

u saved my day… thx 🙂

Anas H says:

Very useful, thanks

Pathum Kumburugala says:

Easy to understand.. Thanks!

Kingston Maluleke says:

awesome…thanx,u really gud at explaining

Mahendra Gaikwad says:

Thank you it was very helpful

Dylan Kelliher says:

mmmm…. good stuff

Alex Michael says:

Beautifully explained sir 🙂

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