MATLAB Tutorial 2 – Creating Matrices and Matrix Math

An introduction to creating matrices in MATLAB scripts, matrix multiplication, element-by-element multiplication, and an example!


David Fontenot says:

The first vector you make, vector a, you describe it as a column vector. It looks like a row vector though. is this syntax or a mistake in wording

洪維屏 says:

thank you for making this video, very useful

Niklavs Lulle says:

Heh… Big D…

Savannah Hensley says:

I wish you would’ve shown right at the end there how to pull out multiple rows or columns at once. 🙁 But everything else was very helpful in preparing for my first test.

presurvivor says:

HA! This is actually even better than the Matlab Fundamentals course.
Thank you!!!

Thulani Masondo says:

this is a video not a lecture theatre. I don’t think one can disturb your lesson since its only a video of something that happened sometime ago… YOU DONT NEED TO TELL PEOPLE IF WHETHER OR NOT ITS FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT. ITS SILLY!!!

David Martins says:

nice work, not at all borring… ok may be a bit but thats matlab fault 🙂

Ashish Patil says:

really well written and spoken tutorial! must watch for beginner!

rustypwns says:

Love the demon souls wallpaper. STEM for everrr

Tayyab Mehmood says:

Loved it. Thanks man

nod nod says:

how it possible to import 9×9 matrix random?

Talabi Opeyemi says:

please how can i write 1×20  matrix with equal  entries like [1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,

Lingyun Kong says:

Thank you, man! I watched several Matlab tutorial videos on youtube before but no much use until I found your video. Standard pronunciation, practical functions step by step and many details for beginners. I appreciate your help and hope later I can record one too to help others!

Classic Surf Clips says:

Thanks!! great stuff

Brian Moya says:


Primož Kikelj says:

Hey, thanks for the great tutorials:)

gildas paul says:

like it ,very helpful

randyusmc says:

So I’ve only watched about 11 mins of video and ive already learned more from you than my professors! Im always lost using this program.
thanks for the tutorial

Akilan says:

Great stuff. Good refresher. Thank you

Noah Cox says:

“curly brackets” 🙂 thanks a lot man, i can watch these videos once and retain everything which must say something about the quality!

TwistedFoo says:

great vid. thanks

GodsBest seb says:

Is the code still available online? If so, can you please let me know where you posted the code?

Haleluya Mekisso says:

Thank you very much! It really was awesome

Tupuivao Jr Vaiaso says:

Thanks man

nikulauz says:

+Godfrey Makhubela
M1 = M(1:3,2);

Eoinyg says:

How do you define a matrix from the workspace? I used the input data fuction.

Hendrik van der Ploeg says:

Thanks it is very helpful, just the right tempo and kwonledge I was looking for.

nikhil khandelwal says:

Awesome tutorial!

srijana prasad says:

can I get the code

Jzolanda Tsavalista Burhani says:

I think it’s the best video for a beginner. You’re really help me to understand how to use Matlab. Thanks a lot!

Abdullah Ahmethan says:

how i can access the code?

H O says:

you awesome !!! 

frank kwok says:

good tutorial

velisetti Raviteja says:

very helpful and coherent explanation.

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