MATLAB Tutorial 4 – A Look at Creating and Calling Functions!

An introduction to creating your own functions, saving them in the proper directory, and calling your own functions in your main script.


alwarsamy ramasamy says:

Nice….Could understand easily…

Hisam K says:

Without seeing ur vedio clearly, how can we evaluate…?

Trevor Baird says:

I spent hours and hours with failures until I heard your comment that the filename of the function must be the same as the function name. Thank you, thank you!

Chris Smith says:

Great tutorials! Helped me 100 times more than my professor. They should pay you!!! ^_^

Igor Blazinic says:

Thanks! Very good tutorial.

vALIents InfoTech says:

For more understanding watch this video:

w George says:


aznag karima says:

Thank you soo much you saved my life!!!

Ricieri Tonelli says:

Nice tutorial, bro! It really helped me a lot! =)

MyThundermuffin says:

VERY useful and helpful video Jake. Thank you !

Mazin Al noor says:

very useful, good declaration

Numerical Methods ChE McMaster says:

Hey all, sorry I don’t monitor this channel anymore… I am thinking of recording and uploading some vids soon on some requested topics. FOR THIS VIDEO – I suggest maximizing the screen and playing it in 1080p (it was recorded in HD and should not be a problem). If you have a 1920 x 1080 monitor you should be able to see all of the text clearly.

Hope that helps!

aquavita1 says:

Great tutorial! Thank you

Mariana Goncalves says:

Loved the tutorials! The most useful and understandable I found on youtube (and I really watched quite a lot, as I really need to learn it). Thank you so much!

Eduardo Velasco says:

Very helpful video, thank you!

Joshua Visagie says:

we all know its you, Jesse Eisenburg

Ali Reza Qr says:

Nice job. Thanks a lot.


good stuff but hard to read. too small

abg macho says:

is there any tutorial like this on scilab. Please someone reply to me

Jonathan Quintanilla says:

I hope you realize that even 3 years after you uploaded this, it is still a tremendous help. Thank you

Ryan Sloop says:

gotta love the sound of a rainfall in the background…….

Ali Sultan says:

Thats great. Thank you so much 

suresh jadhav says:

very nice for calling function

Wanli Xing says:

nice tutorial!

Sada Faydh says:

can any one help me to open the built in function of matlab like the function expcdf

Payman Janbakhsh says:

Thank you, very clear and helpful.

Tott91 says:

thanks man, helped out alot

Maria G. Mateo says:

Hey, thanks a lot for this video! it is the best introduction to functions I have had!

Mashallah Yousefzadeh says:

Thanks, grate MatLab tutorial.

Hailey says:

Thanks fam. You the real MVP

chekz says:

Cheers for this, easy and clear explanation of what I was looking for. Thanks.

Mohanad A says:

Hi, is there any tutorial like this on how to use ” quad command ” and ” fsolve “. thnkas

John Johnny says:

I don’t understand what the command “box on” does on 9.56
Nice videos, they really helped me!!!!

Nupur Salam says:

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Strange Particl says:

it is great and thank you for that I hope that you help me in wrting my code for DWT on image…
Please I am in need of that welling to have your answer soon

Jr. Hdez. says:

great tutorial
Have a midterm about this stuff and you make things clear now it is time to practice 

Ali Al-Khulaifi says:

You da real mvp bro!

Najib Ahmadi says:

Hi there!

I just wanna say that your tutorial is really useful and helps a lot!

Thank you

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