MATLAB Tutorial 8 – Writing Functions

In this tutorial you will learn how to write functions in MATLAB, supply function arguments, and return values; via


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so the output argument in the bracket only serves the purpose of printing the result of the function? we can leave it blank if we print it somewhere else?

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1. Write a function to compute the geometric mean using . a. Overload the function such that it can take both the vector and matrix input. b. Include a second input as “dimension”. When specified, the function returns the geometric mean along the particular dimension of a matrix. Else, the function returns the geometric mean of each column. c. In a separate script, generate a random matrix of size 100 x 100. Compute the geometric mean of this matrix along each column and along each row. d. Suppose an orange tree yields 100 one year and then 180, 210 and 300 the following years. Compute the growth rate for each year. Using the arithmetic mean and geometric mean to calculate an average growth rate over three years (with the built-in MATLAB function mean and your function Gmean). e. Which of the mean is more appropriate for describing the proportional growth? What is the prediction of the orange

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