MATLAB tutorial: Image Processing Basic (6 functions in 4 mins)

This tutorial shows six fundamental MATLAB functions to use in image processing. The code can be found in the tutorial section in More engineering tutorial videos are available in

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MrProgram123 says:

stupid question. Wasting my time to read the poor English.

Kazim Imam says:

what.. am i the only one who notice railways sounds repeatedly 😛 😀 …just saying lol

oiam0607 says:

hi, this is a very good video for beginners like me. Do you know how to write a matlab script to measure the distance from one point to another point (ie 1 pixel to another pixel) of a binary image that is fed into matlab?

eeprogrammer says:

@mailroopam Marco made this video when our team had a business trip to PA. The hotel was close to a railroad. This made the funny background of the video. Thanks for your support. Jessica@eeprogrammer

MrProgram123 says:

Thanks. It is very good video.

eeprogrammer says:

Thanks for your support. Free feel to visit our website

Srk Sarika says:

this s good proj for beginners… pls send the coding of this project.. i want to try it …

efkan polo says:

helal olsun koca yürekli makiniste
adam trende matlab anlattı

Mary Mar says:

I cant find your code, can you help me please ?

Sagar Kumar says:

very nice video….
plz if u have dn post how we can detect the image/obstacles by image processsing in matlab…

Maha Swilam says:

great tutorial .. thank you so much

nuradiba kamal says:

hello! could you tell me on how to put the landmark on the image?..and how to measure between the landmarks automatically?since im new to matlab i hope u can help me out this is my email

Gagan Kumar says:

thanks bro

eeprogrammer says:

Yes. You are right.

Jeffery Aligbe says:

Thanks so much for this video. presently working on a project requiring image processing and will appreciate any material that will be of help pls

MrMurthief says:

does he was in a train?

yaminata jafri says:

great work sir !! could  you help me to do application ‘Enhancing manscrupts’ sir !? 

eeprogrammer says:

We can do your project for you and/or create a private tutorial video to you. Please place an order in our EEprogrammer website.

Xcl Lyf says:

Nice tutorial…neatly explained:)

Nthabiseng Mokoena says:

Thank you sir, short and precise 🙂

Rebbecca19822 says:

Are you an idiot? There is only a few lines of code in the video. Can’t you follow it?

Nyx1us says:

Laka sommmmme boooodyyyyyy Great vid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS do you live next to a railway?

eeprogrammer says:

If you watch the video, you can find all code that you need.

eeprogrammer says:

@Makaivah1 You can go to our website and place a business order. After you place an order, our staff will contact you. Jessica@eeprogrammer

roppari69 says:

could you make this tutorial in ENGLISH please

Percy Terrace says:

Very nice tut clean and simple :). Working on a image recognition and this has helped alot. Thanks.

eeprogrammer says:

Thanks for your support. Free feel to visit our website

UOK DAM says:

there is a fucin train sound but good video

eeprogrammer says:

We can do your project for you. Please place an order in our EEprogrammer website.

Roopam Poddar says:

do the trains always keep coming? mayne, how do you sleep!!
thanks anyway.

Nurnisah Mohd Ali says:

Hi there, I’m new to matlab so would appreciate if you could tell me how to link the imread and imshow function to Client User Interface? For instance, let say i’m creating a CUI that check on nutrition facts, when the user type in the food (eg:soya), how to make the nutrition facts image of soya to pop out?

Gopala Krishnan says:

it was very useful l… but the train sound was distract me………

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