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Time Stamps
00:51 What is Matlab, how to download Matlab, and where to find help
07:52 Introduction to the Matlab basic syntax, command window, and working directory
18:35 Basic matrix arithmetic in Matlab including an overview of different operators
27:30 Learn the built in functions and constants and how to write your own functions
42:20 Solving linear equations using Matlab
53:33 For loops, while loops, and if statements
1:09:15 Exploring different types of data
1:20:27 Plotting data using the Fibonacci Sequence
1:30:45 Plots useful for data analysis
1:38:49 How to load and save data
1:46:46 Subplots, 3D plots, and labeling plots
1:55:35 Sound is a wave of air particles
2:05:33 Reversing a signal
2:12:57 The Fourier transform lets you view the frequency components of a signal
2:27:25 Fourier transform of a sine wave
2:35:14 Applying a low-pass filter to an audio stream
2:43:50 To store images in a computer you must sample the resolution
2:50:13 Basic image manipulation including how to flip images
2:57:29 Convolution allows you to blur an image
3:02:51 A Gaussian filter allows you reduce image noise and detail
3:08:55 Blur and edge detection using the Gaussian filter
3:16:39 Introduction to Matlab & probability
3:19:47 Measuring probability
3:26:53 Generating random values
3:35:40 Birthday paradox
3:43:25 Continuous variables
3:48:00 Mean and variance
3:55:24 Gaussian (normal) distribution
4:03:21 Test for normality
4:10:32 2 sample tests
4:16:28 Multivariate Gaussian


Zaeem Mazhar says:

Good Job…(Y) Stay blessed 🙂

Joseph Delgadillo says:

Get The Complete MATLAB Course Bundle for 1 on 1 help!

Ganesh Dutt says:

i want to learn model based development for automotive and aerospace domain using simulink. can you help me out?

Bhupinder Kaur says:

sir can u please tell me the implemetation of dv hop algorithm in wireless sensor network



Tristan Wild says:

Can someone explain to me what part of the code made the for loop do a summation in the SSE example at 57:49?

Milaan Vigraham says:

How at 1:19:04, did the value of my_cell in the workspace, change from 1×1 to 1×65, before you even declared my_cell{‘A’}? What happened there?

IrisRen says:

Saved my ass from naughty mid-term exam with the tuts. Totally helpfull!


Very well explained thank you so much

Felyks Felyks says:

I’m enjoying this tutorial. However, in the “while loop” topic segment, why can’t we also have: while found = 0 to portray it as false? I tried it and it didn’t seem to work.

roberto delacruz says:

thank you. hello.

Noureddine Boukhari says:

very helpful thx @Joseph Delgadillo , I need more about evolutionary algorithms !!

Mohsan KAYANI says:

already subscribed ;right after seeing the 4 hour long mark !! about to start watching it !! thanks really appriciate the effort !!

kartik suryavanshi says:

God Bless this amazing soul!

Dave Abysswalker says:

you are an hero for me

Clysen says:

Why did they kicked you out? You guys are awesome! Really good tutorials!

sajjadur rahman says:

Hi Sir , I need to help.
Some specific video lecture on generating Substitution Boxes (S-Box) in MAT LAB? Do you perhaps have a video on that?



Ravinder Singh says:

awesome work bro….

ghaleb kaly says:

who the hell pressed dislaike seriouly guys. Thank sir for your great video these kind of videos should be in top

QinShi Zhang says:

My english listening is not well,why not have subtitles?

Premjith T says:

Really good and usefull

Yaman Sanghavi says:

Thank you so much sir.


Dear sir, Hope you are in good health with success and happiness. I’m really happy for your videos.
I’m facing a problem that is when I save any matlab file or simulink file then it does not save as like matlab file rather Crome web browser file.
For example if I save a file then It save as M file but when it save it shows Crome browser logo not like matlab logo.
When I wanna open the saved file then it does not open from MATLAB rather open a new tab in Crome browser ans shows the code.

What should I do to solve the problem?

Jon McBrine says:

I’m trying to learn how to forward test expert advisers for mt4 in matlab?

Ng Voon Chuan says:

how do i create a 2 parameters equation with known experimental data? for example, Z=aP^2 + bT^2 + PT…

Shikha Singh says:

Could you please help me with problem? I want to know how to import vectors in matlab. I have to perform poynting vector operation on matlab using electric and magnetic field data and plot it. Please reply as soon as possible.

Malik Zeeshan says:

please tell me .
In this matlab simple assignment when i click on button new figure open but in this figure gray effect and orignal image is not show how these images show on next new figure me use subplot but this line not work please help me.

Sunil Bhagtani says:

Will this tutorial teach me how to do modelling??

Follow meback2 says:

thank u sooooooooo much

abhijja com says:

Matlab training with jobs are here

Muhammad Akmal says:

in this video do u explain about optimtool?

Zoya Khan says:

sooo lengthy but helpful

SRI RAMA BHADRA RAJU Balagopala says:

great work.had learnt a lot.thank you

uday rakhelkar says:

can we combine all the labels into one command like x label (‘asdf’) y label (‘sky sd’)z label (‘kids’)into one command

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