Tutorial 1: Matlab and Arduino with GUI Interface. Simple LED Controller.

This is my first tutorial, I explain the basics of how to install the Matlab interface onto the Arduino, and some basic hardware interfacing. I also show how to make a very basic GUI using GUIDE within Matlab. I am by NO means a pro at Matlab, I am basically teaching myself how to use it, and am still a novice myself.


Harsha Vardhan says:

Very Helpful!!!

Drathnis says:

How do I include a library?

Christian Blanke says:

i learned a lot thanks man!

maya maya says:

good work

Philippe L says:

Awesome mate!

Mithun Kinarullathil says:

Sir can you tell me how to revert back the control to normal Arduino IDE?

Babulal sharma says:

sir can u tell me how can i read ac by using arduino in matlab

Mohammed Fakher says:

great jop , But ican not find this file this web https://www.mathworks.com/hardware-support/arduino-matlab.html it have no DOWNLOAD for !!

Christopher B-J says:

that works yououuuu 😛 nice nice!  do you know how to control step motor with matlab? like a send :  angle 1 = 30deg, angle 2 = 90deg  and then we see the two servo moving at the position? thanks a lot

Ernest Modise says:

Hi, This is great.
Where can I get the Arduino (and which model do you recommend for test) and the prototype board. I am interested in this type of things.

Great Man

smithheart360 says:

Thank you for taking the time to make and share this.

Pedro Brunetto says:

when i try to run, this error apper

Error in MATINO (line 42)
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Ion CANDEL says:

Instead of a global variable, try to use “handles.a = arduino(‘com3’)”

Manas Ranjan Das says:

Very informative,How can i set up the same thing with Scilab which is a matlab equivalent and open-source.

hammershigh says:

advise: prepare

Puneet Notani says:

resolved,  dont use (;) after global variable declaration. thanks for awesome video 😛

anil durgam says:

pls tell  me how to connect the arduino analog pins from matlab

Ninad Taralekar says:

Thanks Friend. It helped me a lot. Can you let me know how to add delay from matlab in arduino

Juan Rodriguez says:

Thanks thanks !  

mayank gupta says:

i am not getting that package .

Alee Alee says:


masso172 says:

Can this be done wirelessly ?? Perhaps with Xbee?

Anantika Mehra says:

Thank you SO MUCH for that detailed rundown, and not assuming that we already know everything. This made my day!

none says:

Not a big deal, but it’s pretty hard to read the screen.  You might want to max the screen so folks can read it. 

Nazrin Syahmi says:

how to control the dc motor pwm using slider?do you hve any idea?using GUI.

francis biju says:

say some information regarding drivers we need to install……

SAI SANTHOSH Batchu says:

hello, sir i have matlab r2011a in my laptop sir. i want the arduino support package and to know about how to download ..
http://in.mathworks.com/hardware-support/arduino-simulink.html while accessing this website there is no download option………….what should i do ? in math works website it is aasking the license sir……….please help me…….

Dee Chk says:

thanks for a very good tutorial 🙂 

Antony C says:

Gracias, me ayudò mucho, excelente !!!!………

crz63l says:

Hey I was trying to download the package, but now it’s different than what you got.. also, I was trying to install the one I downloaded but it’s not working either!! I was wondering if I can get the files you got through maybe email?? or something

Kapil Dks says:

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Carlos Santibañez says:

Thank you so much!!, best regards from an student from Chile!.

CMfg says:

Gracias amigo  . Una excelente  HMI 

Abdul Hadi says:

thank you bro

Austin Crane says:

thanks alot bro! i am the president of the robotics club at WSU and was trying to create an easy way to graphically work with our quadcopter and i have a feeling this gives me a good option. thanks!

haters gonna hate

ammlove1234 says:

Thank you very much sir !!!! you are hero for me. hahaha thank you three time.

Sagar Hade says:

Thanks a lot brother its very very helpful tutorial

abdo bou says:

Thank you for the TUTO , how can I do the same thing ? but using the Bluetooth instead the serial communication
thank’s again

awdawdawdawdawd says:

lol the “clear a” mistake was so funny!

Tiago Santos says:

Great video, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us =)

Anwar Al-gacemy says:

please i have some questions i am sorry if it out of the topic
how run meshlab from MATLAB GUI to processes 3D data
thank you

anil durgam says:

how to access the analog pins on arduino(a0-a5) through matlab.


if i write like above code it is not working…pls give me answer..

i want access 3 motor through analog pin using pwm technique..how to access them.help me solve this problem


what is the value of the resistance ? plz

Puneet Notani says:

i am trying with just one led,
global a; 

gave this error.

Attempting connection ………….
Basic Analog and Digital I/O (adio.pde) sketch detected !
Arduino successfully connected !

??? Attempt to reference field of non-structure array.
Error in ==> testing_module>pushbutton2_Callback at 165

p.s  i have loaded adio.ino file in matlab

Tài Lương says:

thank you, it’s very helpful to me

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