Advantages of Swift vs Objective C: Should I just learn Swift?

Today we answer the very common question of whether or not you should just learn Swift if you are trying to build iOS applications. I also go over a couple of the major advantages to using Swift in my opinion that make it a much better development experience.

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Joseph Pharaoh says:

I 100% agree with you.

Hairy Pixels says:

Swift is like a scripting language so it’s easy for beginners and designed specifically for Apple’s API’s.

virushunter83 says:

You don’t want to totally abandon any language. I just got off a project as a consultant where a major company was still using Objective-C and XIBs. Yes, the advantages of Swift are a lot better, but in the real world, people and development departments are extremely unwilling to change the way they do things and the government (where all the really secure jobs are) is even worse in this regard. The National Weather Service and the IRS still use FORTRAN and COBOL to this day, both languages from the 1950s, so there is always value in knowing any language.

SmileBot says:

You need to know both languages for the time being. For new developers you should focus on Swift, but you need to know both. The reason is that most legacy code out there is in objc, most of the stackoverflow posts are in objc, and you can’t even read Apple’s docs without knowing objc. Also, big mission critical apps won’t be written in Swift until we get source compatibility and until the compiler can actually compile stuff in a reasonable time without choking on things like nesting! Swift is almost 8 years old. So, how long it will take Apple to bring Swift up to the level of objc is something we will have to wait and see. For objc devs you need to learn Swift. For Swift devs you need to learn and know objc.

laravel guy says:

Thanks, also my request is on iOS documentation with swift , which doesn’t how to start with the functions, no code examples of anything but only few. so would appreciate if you could guide on documentation of iOS with swift.

Umberto D'Ovidio says:

I recently got into iOS development and I started with swift, however I’m considering learning Objective-C as the inability to refactor Swift is simply not acceptable in 2017

Dhaval Gevariya says:

can u make video about how to store Json array object in Sqlite in swift please

Chris Rodriguez says:

how does i look at source code of apps ?

Goofy8907 says:

The 3 Objective C users out there did NOT like this video AT ALL!

Lounge App says:

How many month take learn swith with online courses and with this online course can I make any app?

DVdroid says:

Hi Brian,

i have created a keyboard extension and want to add swipe to type functionality in it.
Can you please suggest a way to achieve this?

Laurie Gray says:

Excellent video

Md Shohrab Hossain Chowdhury says:

good job.

Mathieu Pelletier says:

where can I get all of the paper documentation to fully learn swift?

haitham ashor says:

Hello , thank you for Swift tutorials , i’would like you help me know how to develop image or map in IOS like in this link

Irene Yeong says:

Hi Brian, thanks for the video. i am a non coder (zero knowledge about coding) planning to learn swift. since most references still depends on objective c, should i start learning ocjective c before swift. seriously need your advice on this. thanks in advance.

myVictor lee says:

Great wish list! Support for writing proprietary code.

Andrew Sychra says:

Good stuff man!

MrBigpappydave says:

coming from a C background I’m having trouble with the terminology of swift. If possible, could you make a couple videos going over the basics like what is a Rootcontroller, delegate, garbage collection; Stuff like that.
Thanks brain your videos are awesome.

Jason Newquist says:

Just a language note: you said “adapt” when you meant “adopt”.

ruben esquivel says:

Do you recommend Swift For Advanced Desktop Programs? Do you think all the programs that comes with my macbook pro is made out of swift? How do you check to see if it is?

Mohameth Seck says:

Yoooooo guys I got a question. After a lot of digging, I found that for the app I wanna build (Video sharing app like a youtube/snap chat) I need a backend infrastructure. Can I build my app entirely off of Google’s Cloud Engine platform?What goes into making the frontend (UI, UX, etc) and backend (People call it a stack) of a mobile app? I’m new to app development. What makes an app like snap chat, Instagram, Pinterest, Uber and more work?

hcAsicted says:

The biggest companies in the bay area still use Obj-C exclusively, so if you wish to get a job and you are a junior you will actually need to learn Obj-C.

Howard Sun says:

Dude… bottom line up front. Or tell us where to skip to to get your conclusion. Skip to 3:10 folks.

Lothar Scholz says:

Depends. I still refuse swift as using C++ is the only crossplatform compatible way and then Objective-C++ will just fit well. C++ is still much much faster where you need it.

Ajit Sarkaar says:

Hi Brian, Really find your videos helpful! Strongly believe doing everything in code too ;), Good resources to learn Objective C from? I’m really struggling to find a good resource to learn Obj C from, Thanks. Keep up the good work!

Jeremy Rosser says: hear as I do not know objective C. Only swift.

Ricardo Duarte says:

Such an awesome video! I had this doubt some month ago. I just decided to move on the switch direction instead obj c. I felt out dated studying obj c. Now, I got q job doing swift, which is awesome.

- says:

Really? They ported the whole codebase to this weird semi-language with stupid things like optionals?

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