Intro to Objective-C Tutorial Intro to Objective-C Tutorial So now lets do an overview of Objective-C. We can’t cover all the details in depth but we’ll touch on the important parts that you’ll need right away. There’s a list of online tutorials, documentation and books that cover Objective-C in detail at the end of this video and in the notes. There is also a Person sample project that uses many of the concepts from this video and the previous one. Objective-C itself is a simple elegant language that is really just a thin layer on top of C. It is compiled and fast which makes it perfect for low powered devices and its dynamic which makes it flexible for programmers. Its a super set of C so you can mix in C and C++ and reuse any code you have in iOS projects. It definitely looks different than other languages. In particular objective C uses square brackets on the outside of method calls instead of parentheses around the parameters. I admit its a little odd but its just one of those things that was done a long time ago and after a while you’ll get used to it. Object oriented programming is all about grouping methods with the related data into little bundles called objects. Classes are like blueprints that define what goes into an object and every time we want a new copy of that object we create a new instance. Every object gets its own copy of the data, its own copy of the variables specified by the class. Methods implement behavior are also specified in the class and are available for all objects of that class. You can then send an object a message to invoke a method which operates on that individual objects data.


mungkey says:

It helped me a lot. I’m a total beginner. I just pause and playback when it’s too fast. Hopefully next time its a bit slower so those people who do not use english as their primary language can catch up. But its great and helpful. Thanks!

Trunks says:

This is really great and clear,
Thank you!

Rob Rosario says:

Good info. I just started learning obj-c and this video really helped to review and reflect. If you’re like me save this video then come back after you code a bit more! You will be surprised how much you miss.

Colin MacKenzie says:

Thanks for the intro! ObjectiveC is killing me. The syntax is confusing for someone from the c/c++/c#, asm, php world.

Sloan Hawthorne says:

Thank you sit

Ay2DaKaY says:

Aprt from that very helpful

Bruce777999 says:

Great and appropriate voice for such a tutor thing.

Mark Morton says:

Really Great Overview. Im cramming for a Obj C class in a couple of weeks and this answers quite a few questions I had. Thank You!!

James Cleary says:

Excellent video …. any chance of some more please ? I’d really like one to cover delegates and blocks 🙂 – Thanks again!

Vergasaurus says:

Thank you so much! This video was fantastic! So dense with information it took me several hours in 4 days to process it all. I look forward to your other videos.

elad stavi says:


Ay2DaKaY says:

This guy needs to read in order instead of jumping from one thing to wherever

S Kandathil says:

This video is packed with knowledge and so beginners should go slow. If you are total beginner get Steve Kochans Objective C book or Nerd Ranch guide and start practicing in your Mac computer. Videos like this is also really good but only practice can make you perfect. There is no capsule for learning any programming language but practice and hard work

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