iOS Programming: Camera tutorial with Objective C and xcode 6

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Learn how to make a simple camera with Objective C and xcode 6.


sibo teng says:

I got motion sick at the end.:(

Selina Briggs says:

thankyou for the video. Though how do you dismiss the camera(UIImageView) to only display the (UIView).

mark lucking says:


THANK YOU for this code! Been looking all afternoon for a super short example of AVFoundation; and you nailed it! One thing you might try, you can record your iPhone/iPad screen if on IOS 8.x / OS X Yosemite with QuickTime [Using cable]; and then use iMovie to join it to your tutorial, indeed if your feeling adventurous you could try editing out the mistakes/typos too.

Rija Khan says:

where do the images captured get stored?

Contacto Notpad says:

Hi! I tried this code on iPad and I had a problem with the orientation of the preview image while rotating my iPad. I mean, if I have my iPad on landscape, I have the preview UIView in portrait… can you help me please?

Russ Palermo says:

HI Jeffrey 😉  first viewer!  Exactly what I was looking for.  Great tutorial.  You have a bright future ahead.  Thank you!


M M says:

When viewDidDissapear we will have problems with sessions

Shi Shu says:

Hi Jeffrey, how could I manipulate the imageData? I printed it out and found it is a matrix and each element is a hex code. How can i calculate the average of all these elements in the matrix? Thanks!

Erik Buell says:

Cheers dude! Thanks for sharing all these videos!

Kartihan Sri says:

hey so I followed your video no problem until the end. from 12:48 when you worked on the button and view. I didn’t get an option like frameforcapture, then touch up inside doesn’t stay sometimes ( I tried many times) and the image view option.

Guoxin Shao says:

sounds like teen,but i like this video,hope you get more fans

Karl Hough says:

Hi, is there an easy i can obtain the code you copied and pasted?

Shi Shu says:

Great job! It totally worked on my iPhone!

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