iPhone Apps 101: Create Your First iPhone App with Xcode 5 and Objective-C

iPhone Apps 101: Create Your First iPhone App with Xcode 5 and Objective-C

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Learn to create an iPhone app from scratch. I’ll show you what we’re building conceptually. Then I’ll introduce you to Xcode 5 where I’ll show how to create the user interface (UI) and then connect the UI to the code. You will see how to work with button presses and write some logic to process user input.

This is a great introduction to app development that will show you where to look in Xcode, so that you can be productive and not feel lost. I’ll show you how to use format tokens with NSLog, which can also be used with printf.

Format tokens: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/Strings/Articles/formatSpecifiers.html

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Step by step tutorials says:

Awesome video. You teach well 🙂

Ha Ran Jung says:

Thank you for the tutorial. It’s 2016 already but I’m watching this, still relevant though 🙂 You have a lovely voice.

Sean says:

Wow you good man great tutorial !

Hj A says:

hey I have an app Idea and I think it will be useful but I don’t know how to do anything, and I don’t have any money.

RipeManSams says:

Become an Expert in iOS App development by mastering concepts like Swift, Core Data, Networking & iCloud development

Mohamed amin says:

it’s working for only MacBook or any computer

Alan Pessoa says:

Thank you so much for your explanation, my friend. Very didactic.

Loay Usama says:

how much do you need to make me an app on the app store?

DarkAngel says:

How do you learn those codes? Looks so confusing like just random signals

Yuvraj Raghuvanshi says:

thank-you so much

JB Shim says:

Thanks for this video very helpful. One question, I faced error message at “float water~” part , any issue at the latest version?

Anna Marija says:

Thank you so much for neat explanation! 🙂

treezybeats602 says:

Can someone build me an app for free

rudestrudedog says:

So glad your video was at the top of the list… this is all a new language to me but your video and your delivery is great. I am able to follow along. Thanks!

Platinum Productions says:

You only get like a template-like type of app from using the platform shown in the video, I used it for the first few months of my buisness, but it started getting difficult to really make the app how we wanted to see it turn out, so the two platforms we eventually moved to for my business was “*Asphone*”,and “*Apps moment*” Conduit it’s not NEARLY as deep or efficient as either of those to be honest…
Oh, and the Link just in case for anyone wanting to check out Asphone or Apps Moment is
Asphone: http://jvz3.com/c/494729/206703
Apps Moment: http://jvz6.com/c/494729/27467
Sooo much better than the one shown in the video.

Larry Gerow says:

Always grateful for tutorials, thank you. But, you might want to research on how to explain yourself differently. I find you are over explaining yourself. There are many points that you explain in your tutorial that does not need to be explained. Keeping in mind, you are teaching, you need to keep “ALL” of your listeners interested, by over explaining, people get bored. Thank you.

M A R V I N C A S I N O says:

if you’re running windows just install a vm ware on a drive with osx installed on top of it

Mid West says:

I have a question. Can this be used to create social media apps or do you need to use something a little more powerful and or your own sever? I always wondered how did owners of FB and twitter make their social media accounts. Those started off as computer websites but lets say for example instagram started out as a phone app. Is it possible? Also what about added your own graphics and stuff.

Lolanto Low says:

Thank you very much. Very good video ^_^

Andersen Music says:

cancel that, I found it, cheers for the video all the same, legend.

Andersen Music says:

awesome work mate, can you tell me why I can’t get the icons (yellow) bottom right at 6:37? mines saying no matches??? any ideas, I’ve tried dragging up the tab as instructed, no joy. thanks for your video.

Louby Saldy says:

the question is, how did you learn objective C language????

Cyro Buosi says:

Thanks man! Great tutorial m8!!!!

Brian Waller says:

Good stuff! I am just starting and found this easy to follow. I only wish you showed how to control or validate the user input!

Amahnn says:

i have xcode 8 and i am tripping cause nothing u show is in my software

youssef bourehim says:

Why do I get :
Coffee: inf

Briona Davis says:

Great video! Very clear and easy to follow. Though I’m not sure how to get the finished app onto my phone. How can one go about doing this?

Uni Verse says:

Thank you.

Lorenzo Powell says:

Can you import illustrators files/vectors to xcode or Obj-C?

Juan I Abdala says:

You speak waaaaay tooo much

Thomas Magee says:

I type everything exactly but I get red marks and can’t build the app

aladdin shabanov says:

how to make keypad disappear after you’re done typing?

Jad Doughman says:

Tooooooooo slooowwwwww m8

Andy Nguyen says:

nice tutorial video, i’m new with coding, but if i wanna write code for iOS app, what language do i learn? C# or C++

yusuf rasad says:

Can I get Xcode for Windows?

stanley Guerrier says:

Thank you man I’ve been looking for brilliant content like this and your the only one i could find I’m definitely signing up

Admin | Mavis says:

hi ratio means ? person or coffee divided by per person ? little bit confusing suppose 1000/10=100g coffee but if ratio 5 then 200 g coffee

Fran Ivan Mataković says:

Are there any similar programs that let you create apps for Android?

Rayyah says:

Mr.Solt thank you very much for your video it’s very helpful, I have a question can we create an app using xcode that can plot a graph for a sound wave coming from an external device?

Niki says:

no you have yo have os x but you can get vmware to get OS X as a virtual machine

Gamer Gabe says:

Umm this does not help me

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