Learn Objective-C Mac/iOS Tut: 1 (For Beginner Programmers)

An introductory tutorial for beginning programmers to Mac/iOS Software development. These segment of video tutorials are for those interested in learning Objective-C for iOS and Mac OS X.
These tutorials cover the foundation of the language for the beginner and then later they evolve into advanced topics.

There is also an advanced series for Objective-C that will teach the language at a quicker pace for those that already have experience programming. Example: Beginner Tutorials are generally an hour long; while the advanced tutorials are about 25 minutes long.


Devin McElheran says:

The reason that you have to subtract 1 from the maximum/2 is because you’re including 0. So when you do the range from -(65536/2) + 65536, you’re allocation a bit configuration for the number 0, that means one less bit configuration for non-zero numbers.

Serious Margins says:

Thanks a bunch Jared.  Good luck in school.

iBryt says:

looking forward for the next tutorial

Oliver Lorton says:

You mentioned two other sources, the youtube user appleprogramming, and something on itunes university – can you provide a link for that? I couldn’t clearly hear the name.

ScottTheLad says:

I only have 3 options for my project language: Objective-C, C++, and C. There is no Foundation option.

Danny M says:

Thanks, many videos about learning coding don’t make sense. I understood everything.

Elie El Khoury says:

Thanks A LOT man! I’m fairly new to programming and just got an objective c book and got kind of confused. Thanks to your video I understand perfectly now! You have no idea how much you helped me! Liked and subscribed of course 😀

Justin Macri says:

GTA you need a mc for x code

Bill Payne says:

you have to go one lower because zero is a number

Chris Wade says:

Awesome! Thanks for the video! When i become rich from making stuff…, i’ll buy you dinner. lol

Calvin Han says:

im now a rich motha fuka

Vu dinh xuan says:

I hope next tutorial will come soon

sunshine 5089 says:

I dont understand what you are doing or talking about and I’m crying why is this so hard I don’t get anything, am I stupid?

geneva1999 says:

What’s the best and/or most common IDE for apple/ios development?  Is it Xcode?  Or is Xcode a programming langue different from objective C?  

snwshrddr says:

It’s still too advanced for me, ABSOLUTE beginner… 🙁

Stop your BS says:

For some reason i dont have the same options that you have when creating a class at 18:50. I only have test classes which produce only one .m but not the .h file. Is this because i haven’t paid to developer program? 

krutomjer says:

I was like “what the fuck is with my internet” at 2:50 😀

Ebrahem shamout says:

nice , but its too much advanced for a ABSOLUTE beginner there’s many stages before what u did here

M82andM84 says:

i notised that you sad that heder fiel is public bu i think its othe way around the header.h file is private and main.m is public 

MajLagSpike says:

At 17:45, this is good stuff!! Pausing for a small break. And of course Subbed!

Diprotic says:

I am a beginner & this was a perfect speed for me.

I’ve never seen objective-C or C before, just LSL & I gotta say, even tho this video is old & probably out dated, I was speaking the code ahead of time before you did based on what you had previously said. Thanks man. I’ll contribute trying to teach myself objective-C with online tutorials, I just hope I can find some up to date ones.

Mikhanator says:

When’s the next tutorial for beginners? Hahaha can’t wait man, subbed!

iP4Broadcasting says:

An unsigned short goes from 0-65535. That makes 65536 spaces. So you have to go one lower. You said you don’t understand it in 16:38..

Mahmoud H manasra says:

than u SoftwareElitest

Christophernelius Whittaker says:

Omg thank you so much, I’m a complete beginner but this was extremely informative. Subscribing!!

Ethan Lee says:

Thank you for helping me learn Objective -C better !! 😀

Madhav M says:

just to explain why compiler hold one less than 2^32.

consider 2 bits

total combinations possible by placing 0 and 1 in two positions is 2 ^ 2 = 4.

following are the combinations for 2 positions.
00 = 0
01 = 1
10 = 2
11 = 3

Compiler would place one in all positions to get its highest possible value which is every time odd number, always 1 less than its total combinations.

Hope you got it!! if you need further explanation, let me know.

Cuddy00 says:

I would just like to say for future viewers, Xcode is now 2.18 gigabytes now.

Ethan Lee says:

Can I put this : [Person1 setMyName:[NSString *NAME]];(in the main.m file)
 after I put “@property(nonatomic, strong)NSString *myName” in the .h file?

Daniel Grin says:

I want to learn programming on Xcode 7, especially to create applications for OS X (not iOS). As I’m absolutely new to Xcode, and don’t have any knowledge in programming for Apple apps. My question to you is – what can you recommend me for the learning?Which programming language should learn first: Objective-C or Swift? And tell me please, which books you can recommend me for studying and programming on Xcode 7 ?

Mad Life says:

is C++ coding concept same as the Objective C…???..

Azad Kaya says:

At 32:30 appr. You wrote NSNumber instead of an intiger why? I didnt get that part, why you couldnt let it be as it was, with only the number 23?

K. B says:

so what actually are you making? or what you type what does it do? thank you

thomultee says:

Can you please make a tutorial 2

Barnabás Kerekes says:

Very good tutorial! Kerp up the good work!

Don Winnebago says:

Geez… Objective C has some tough syntax… this will take some practice.

Ahmad Abbas Zainol says:

nice video. now i don’t need to pay for my learning. thanks 🙂

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