Learn Objective-C Mac/iOS Tut: 1 (For Experienced Programmers)

An introductory tutorial for programmers that have done programming in the past. These tutorials will introduce them to Mac/iOS Software development. These segment of video tutorials are for those interested in learning Objective-C for iOS and Mac OS X.

There is also a beginner series for Objective-C that will teach the language at a slower pace for those that don’t have experience programming. Example: Beginner Tutorials are generally an hour long; while the advanced tutorials are about 25 minutes long.


Amir Ajroud says:

Thanks Jared! keep on making good staff like this!

millennia says:

please keep going..

Tuan Q. Nguyen says:

Thanks. It is a good tutorial for new developer of Objective-C.

Borena Newe says:

this is a real video thanks 

Kevin Villarreal says:

It’s a shame you didn’t continue with this serie, the two videos have been the best explanation I have found online on Objective-C and iOS programing. +SoftwareElitest 

DivineDigitalProductions says:

Oh my, this language is terrible.

Peter Bonnema says:

This is the most ridiculous language in human history…
Almost every single aspect about it that is different from any other language is bad in every way.

Shawn Huang says:

When does next video come out? It is really helpful.

Paul Orekhov says:

what a horrible programming language

Logemon says:

“It’s not really about keeping it simple” 17:03
“You know what, keep it simple” 18:06


Pesthuf says:

Thanks for the video.
I like how this isn’t ridiculously slow like the other tutorials which spend an hour teaching you 4 simple things.

krutomjer says:

Coming from Swift, I have to learn objective C because I need to be able to at least read old apps and rewrite them in swift, but this is just a horrible. Your videos are great, but objective C should make way for swift.

Felipe Ranieri says:

Bravo! Thank you very much by your time spent into those tutorials – very valuable information. Much appreciated (:

Taylor Born says:

Great tutorial! Waiting for more

Nichole Y says:

Thanks for the videos… I have no coding experience but was easily able to use the concepts you taught in your two videos to write a simple code. I watched few other videos on here but they either went over my head or were too slow and boring. Great teaching style. Thanks.

datuglyman says:

i love you

TheSmidges says:

Is an initializer class like a constructor?

irmantus says:

Nice work! Keep them coming.

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