Learn Objective C Tutorial 1.3 Explaining Basics of Program

Learn Objective C Tutorial 1.3 Explaining Basics of Program

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devastatingvirus says:

You ROCK! you’re the best online tuitor EVER!

LeonardoGulli says:

// I found you to be the best objective c teacher on youtube. Thank you for the great job!!

Dopp says:

Just what I’ve been waiting for! 😀

FortGhoppy says:

Games would be cool, you are the best tutorial guy i can find. watched all your iPhone/iPad tutorials.

dondon1 says:

Thank you!!! 🙂 mybringback, you the MAN!

shrodingersman says:

Hi (myBringBack), I’ve been learning from your videos (very good thank you). However I have a problem, when using “else if” in lesson 13 my xcode keeps adding “{” furthermore at the” return 0;” at the end of the page I keep getting “build failed” when i run it. It keeps asking for more “{“, it’s driving me crazy because i have to enter loads of different combinations of brackets “{” in order to get it to have a “build successful”. It’s a nightmare, I can understand it, please help!! Thanks 🙂

Saif Mustafa says:

you have to right @autoreleasepool in the beginning…

Aaron Gillians says:

before i carry on with the videos (which are great btw ) what do the symbols mean like hashtag and less than etc. and when do you know when to put them and what to put next to them? thanks for your help

burlponygames says:

Not sure but I believe it was change to just make it abit simpler

Brom954 says:

hey, can you do a tutorial on games?

batterup98 says:

I’ve been wondering about that. If I copy the code in Xcode 4.3.2, I get an error about NSAutoreleasePool being unavailable or something of the sort.

Joel Alvarez says:

Same here, your detail explanation are making a huge impact for a beginner like me with 000000 knowledge.
thank you for your time. Keep it up.

TruthSeeker says:

Hey man how can you close keyboard with done key in a textview? I subbed 🙂

LeonardoGulli says:

what happens if you dont use/write down the pool?

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