Learn Objective C Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 2 – Classes

Learn Objective C Tutorial For Beginners is a series that introduces the Objective C programming language and teaches you how to write code to build iPhone apps.

Learning Objective C doesn’t have to be hard! In these tutorials, you will learn Objective C programming syntax, classes and software design patterns so that you can program iOS apps.

Combined with the Learn XCode 4 Tutorial series, you’ll be making iPhone apps in no time!

In this episode, we talk about Class Declaration

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Sameer Ashraf says:

If you type while you talk it allows us to know what code is system generated and what code is user defined. So please type during the video as you are explaining. Thanks Again. 

CodeWithChris says:

You still have to do [[classname alloc] init] OR you could do [classname new] instead which is the same thing. However, in general, people still prefer the first way because sometimes you may need to use a different “init” method such as [[classname alloc] initWithSomething]

JayTheGamer says:

Hey Chris, love your videos. A few off topic for me as well…

1) Does the C in Objective C stand for “Chris”?
2) Do you work out?
3) What’s your favourite colour?

Maanit Madan says:

Hey, I think the way you are teaching is great because it shows us how to do it step by step. 

Sameer Ashraf says:

Thanks Chris. Great videos. I love the level of details here. I have never programmed in Objective C before. I do have experience programming in C# and C and I am familiar with Object Oriented Programming concept. 

David Christy says:

Everybody has an opinion, Keep going with the typing and explanation Chris. I’ve written 4 to 5 iPhone apps so far so am familiar with the basics. But: these videos are a great refresher just the way you are doing them. The basic concepts aren’t explained that well out here in the wild. Great Work! Thanks.

CodeWithChris says:

I was up until a few days ago.. the release build of XCode 5 is available to developers now. You have to be in the Apple iOS Developer Program though. I’ll be using that now!

CodeWithChris says:

haha so have i… it made realize i have to update all my material 😛

Mitchell Scales says:

do you still have to use alloc or is it already done in xcode5

Bhavya Shah says:

please type ,its better than actually seeing everything ready. At least while you type the alertness and attention is on ur texts while ready stuff is more sleepy and boring . Btw keep up the work , nd nice vids (y)

ewinik7 says:

I have absolutely no idea how to code. Where should I start?

aseem hegshetye says:

i was so stuck on how to make an iphone app tutorial of urs.. now these objective c tutorials are making it comprehensible. !! also the speech with which u explain here is great. in those iphone app tuto u are fast and furious lol.

CodeWithChris says:

Thanks for the feedback!

Mouad Chafai says:

Teach at the same time is much better for me (beginner).
thank you !! it’s very helpfull. 😛

CodeWithChris says:

Nope, it’s just a WordPress blog installation but i customized some of the HTML and CSS. Your hosting should have a control panel where you can install WordPress with a click of a button. Then you have to find a custom theme (there are a lot of free ones), and install the theme on your blog.

nightograph says:

type as you go! thanks

Meg de Graaf says:

I don’t think the world was ready in 1983… as with all technology, I think people have a need to ease into it… Thank you for making the screen easier to read!

Deleted says:

Dude, i can’t learn anything from this.. I’m sorry.
U aren’t explaining anything..Just doing it.

CodeWithChris says:

Thanks Brad, i think this is the clearly what everyone would rather see!

LoveACupaTea says:

i like when you type and teach at the same time 🙂

CodeWithChris says:

Thank you for the support guys! Teaching isn’t as easy as some people think. There’s always room for improvement and I’ve definitely grown in my own delivery of the material since the publishing of this particular video. Thank you for your continued support!

CodeWithChris says:

thanks for sticking to it! if you have anymore questions, let me know!

Emmet B. says:


chictomana says:

thanks for the bigger font ! I really needed it !

Dan Carr says:

To answer your tutorial question…. Type and speak (for me at least, showing and explaining is helpful)

Thanks for the great tutorials!!

CodeWithChris says:

Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

wu yan says:

nice tutorial..

thx and god bless you and the world..


Fahad Al Othaim says:

you need to make font bigger i can’t see anything

CodeWithChris says:

I agree with you! It makes me wonder about what prototypes these companies are creating NOW and dismissing them as not the right time to be released!

henk henkeinstein says:

Great video again 🙂

Brad Satz says:

I agree with Eric about “u can get confused or distracted when everything is already built”, I find you can follow along easier step by step and it gives you a chance to think about the line of code. I’m not interested in saving a minute. learning is more important.

Ang Pone Ko says:

I don’t have apple/IOS based computer, can I use windows based C compiler/IDE for the meantime? will the code be understood by windows based compiler?

TheMrAwsomness says:

please type while your making the video, DON’T have it pre-typed.

CodeWithChris says:

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes
Stop trolling me lol

luis vargas says:

hope i am not to late on comment. this video is great the large text and you typing while talking make it really easy to follow you! thanks Chris!

Ed Connolly says:

Type as you explain

Qasim Rajab says:

I suggest typing and teaching at the same time is really much better to learn. 🙂

Charlieribnd says:

I don’t really understand anything, why are there so many spaces from the wall? of the box, what is that void thing?

bevilacquav says:

Yes type and explain

Alain Perez Mandriotti says:

Thanks for video. I’m new to Objective-C. I’ve done C# and Java in school, but I really want to start developing iOS Apps.

pooja kushwah says:

please type…..

Carol Labarbera says:

Typing while explaining is my vote too. It’s tough to keep up with someone who pastes the info. I find I have to pause the video, type and start again. Thanks for the videos! Love the iPhone. I still remember my palm pilot from 2000

CodeWithChris says:

Thanks for the feedback MrAwesome!

chaitanya bansal says:

Yes is not a colour Chris… 😉
well nice video buddy…

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