Obj-C Parsing JSON – Last Video on this Old Programming Language

I was really debating whether or not to make this video, I’m not against programming in Objective C but it definitely feels like I went back in time while coding in it. Anyhow, I hope the folks out there appreciate this lesson, it’ll probably be the last one I do on Objective C. Enjoy.

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Joyce Lu says:

Hi Brian, how are you these days? Hope all is well.

What do you think a talk about Firebase security? Love your Firebase series, it really helped a lot. But later after couple try, I still feel not really get it. And overall, what do you think about the security of Firebase?

Thanks & enjoy the bright spring!

ngoma mbaku says:

Last Video on this Old Programming Language lol

HealthyLBS says:

More ObjC series plzzzzz.
Your video is very helpful and useful . Please make more video for objC and CoreData..

Artem Zinkov says:

Tried to write “let”?)))

Nizzam says:

Based on the Video Course (AppStore), I’m trying to develop something similar. However, when displaying a very large amount of data, it was not perfectly smooth scrolling. This is not ideal because it negatively affects the user experience.
I have tried several ways which is try to reload collection view at main thread (Dispatch.queque.main {}), apply this for the cell (cell.layer.shouldRasterize = true, cell.layer.rasterizationScale = UIScreen.main.scale) but the result remain same.
Hope you can enlighten us the best way to achieve smooth scrolling in uicollectionview.

Min Luchs says:


Ahmad Al nashukaty says:

Can you explain how to get image from url in objective c ?

Elliot Alderson says:

please make swift web server tutorial

Drey Millena says:

More Obj-c Series please..

Salvatore Polito says:

More objc videos!

chhay sotheara says:

It’s 2018. Why you guys still ask for Obj-C ? Don’t you see that ugly syntax?

Zac Lu says:

Hey Brian, thanks for all the tutorials you made. Please make more ObjC series.

Quick question: In 11:35 you created a new mutable array for course objects then point the property array to it. Why don’t you just add course objects to the global one? Does it make any difference or better performance?

Bike Vids says:

Swift is crap in comparison.

Imran Mirza says:

nice, this helps alot, do more if it helps your channel 🙂

Axel Nilsson says:

Hey Brian! Do you record your face in OBS or do you add it in post?

Blake Harrison says:

more objC!!

Richard Mane says:

Best tutorial.More objc please.

Zac Lu says:

More ObjC series plz

David Quispe says:

Good intro

林易 says:

More objc videos! with Accessibility Voice over :D?

Yassine Gherbi says:

More Objectiveeee C pleaseeee

Hector Mejia says:

Why would anyone dislike this!?

Nahit Habiboff says:

Will it continue?

Roberto Oliveira says:

More Objc series Pleeease!!!!!!!

Dattatray Gavali says:

Hey Brian. I am from India, this video is very helpful for me. Please make more video for iOS Design Patterns Objective-c.

Kim Tran says:

Thanks for your videos

smackaroony says:

is the thumb authenticator on iphone x a real thing

Elion Deriu says:

thanks, you’re doing a really good job.
What do you think about progressive web apps compared to native apps?

Tushar Beri says:

get and post request

Jacob Fulton says:

Could have used this yesterday while I was finishing up my first Ojb-C app! Awesome video. Too bad its the last video on Ojb-C but perhaps its just a another sign to move over to Swift.

Joost van Dijk says:

Very nice tutorials man, nice explanations

Hannes Sverrisson says:

You have an error, a possible race condition. UI data should only be updated on the main thread and thus, self.courses = courses; should be called within the block with reloadData.

0NLY G0D says:

can you make a video about how to provide secure encryption of user data and chat messages?

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