Object-oriented Programming in 7 minutes | Mosh

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4 pillars of object-oriented programming: encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism.

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Anonymous says:

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Pavel Orlov says:

The next time an interviewer asks me what Incapsulation is, I’ll say, “It’s using functions with as little number of parameters as possible.”

Amir Hussain says:

Hard concepts are described easy. Thanks

InspektorDreyfus says:

Hey Mosh Kripke, L, R and W are distinct letters with different pronunciations.

Rajet Veshin says:

Great content..By the way, what tools you use to create these videos? specifically the animation in the start?

juned sheikh says:

i know oop but i watched it to learn in 7 minutes

Neon Prince says:

Tesla has Car’s in their code lol

SurvivalRaidingYTHD says:

subbed and liked

Ahmed Hesham says:

* spit *

Kuya Frex says:

I’m already applied these concepts in my code without even knowing the terms for that. At least now I know

paula pidgeon says:

Im about to get a nosebleed from this stuff 😮

Nikolay Shindarov says:

So 10 classes inheriting each other aren’t more dependent on each other than 10 functions and if you change the top class all the rest will not crash? Come on. OOP is already seeing a decline in development and there is a reason for this. It’s good to write a class whenever you really need it and your code is better organised. But worshiping the idea that everything must be class is ridiculous. Anyway, thank you for the great video!

Yousef G. Niari says:

Started good explaining encapsulation very well but after that, he just tried to finish in 7 minutes.

Noxxys says:

Best programming teacher I’ve found so far! I have a lot of his courses on Udemy.

Ken Franklin says:

Excellent video! This was the straight-forward and precise explanation I was looking for!!

Kai Z says:

Examples from HTML are not that universal. Overall, great video and animations. Thank you.

kazakh mustang says:

“make” of car? You mean brand?

Kristupas Antanavicius says:

This video is horse shit. Functions with no parameters are better than functions with parameters? Are you joking?
Congratulations, you have just created a function which can’t be reused in other contexts and which has unknown data dependencies.
Now imagine your “localStorage” object implementation in Chrome, which probably has at least 2k lines of code and 100 member variables, and tell me that a function in such a class would be better of without parameters.

Thang Bom says:

tray tret mau nhieu len nua nha lu pha dam, chen mau vo de ta ghet khong hoc nua chu gi, hihi, nham qua ha 😀

Shivashish Tripathi says:


UK2AK says:

Much of what you said about procedural programming and functions is actually wrong. 🙁

Rehan techie says:

At 3:16 you said oop does not require parameters, but just after calling the function down we can see parameters. Why?

Ralfie Library says:

Great, thank youuu

Daniel Cooke says:

your voice is annoying.

calabiyou says:

Don’t know why anyone would down vote this. Maybe functional programmers?

hima najy says:

perfect explaining thank you 🙂

Eric O Prof_Engineer says:

Great points. Thanks for sharing.

Checksum Error says:

At 2:48 the example is stupid. It uses globals instead of doing actual OO programming. Also, the function() actually does have a parameter, it’s just implicit instead of explicit and that’s also how you could have written the original function. The “this” pointer is passed to the function and you could have done the same with the first example. I do OOP in C.

Neo Take says:

is this Java ?
and what is that programm u are using ?


he sounds like Nadeking!

abheeth kotelawala says:

Getting ready for my first interview
Thank You!

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