Objective C and Mac OS X Development, Lecture 1

First lecture of Objective C programming course. Introduction to the course. Hello, World. Classes. Objects. Methods. Messaging.

Course homepage — http://wikistan.ru/blog/macosdev
Rakhim Davletkaliyev
International University of Information Technology


Bartholomeo Sphinx says:

its unbelievable how verbose this guy is. he must think he is a poet.

BubbleRaccoon says:

не могу прокомментировать содержание курса, но язык отличный! чуть с твердым произношением, но интонации, мелодика звучат очень аутентично и приятно.

Raul La Rosa says:

that you for this, not many free lectures out there most of the info I have found for Mac OS X is in the developers site for apple and I learn better through videos, is there more lectures other than lecture 1 & 2?

History and Econimics says:

Я не узнал голос Фритоника вначале! Когда я говорю по английски, мне также кажется, что я звучу по-другому.

Vladimir mAte says:

Сколько потребовалось времени на изучение языка? (на ваш уровень)

ismet emre yucel says:

Where are we write the “Actual Program” ?

Jamil arif says:

Their should also be a video of OS X development of iOS developers.

BpdM Texas says:

Thank you!

Michael Jakob says:

Your explanations are very thorough and one sees you know what you’re talking about. +1 for that.

Daniel Grin says:

I want to learn programming on Xcode 7, especially to create applications for OS X (not iOS). As I’m absolutely new to Xcode, and don’t have any knowledge in programming for Apple apps. My question to you is – what can you recommend me for the learning?Which programming language should learn first: Objective-C or Swift? And tell me please, which books you can recommend me for studying and programming on Xcode 7 ?

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