Objective C Basics, Understanding Object Oriented Programming

This tutorial covers how to make classes and how object oriented programming works.

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janvoslos says:

objective – c is the hardest thing i know

scumbaguk says:

Part 1- Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Sharing knowledge is a noble thing to do and I have to praise you for that. I would like to make some constructive criticism tho which I hope you do not take the wrong way.

I’ve been programming in an amateur sense in c & c++ for the past 15 years but am still in many senses a novice. Despite this I have read enough over that time to understand many of the terms, ideas, concepts, etc referring to programming in general….(cont in part 2)

Vergasaurus says:

Fantastic video! So helpful! Please keep up the great work!

Genstandsled says:


Leigh Hughes says:

..and it’s ‘after you’re done’, please, not ‘after your done’.

Jonah Siegle says:

@vMccD Thanks! 🙂

lovehate399 says:

i want a mac

Joe Kennedy says:

This video is tight bra bra!

scumbaguk says:

Part2 – …..despite lableing this video ‘basics’ & ‘understanding opp’ you do not go deep enough in to setting up the base knowledge of terms you proceed to use in the video. I feel a begineer would soon become lost trying to understand your video. I understand there are time constrictions in making youtube videos but I think people would benefit from you spending more time explaining some of the basics and by more thoroughly considering the flow of ideas and concepts you …..(cont part 3)

scumbaguk says:

part 3 – …express. Please take my comment in the spirit that it’s intended. I thank you greatly for making this video as it may help some and taking the time to spread knowledge is a wonderful thing I just wish to show an outside point of view which may help you fine tune your future videos and make them more accessible.


Alex Chaplianka says:

Hey great video! Could I have your wallpaper :)?

Technoguy3 says:

Holy crap 41 minutes! :O

Jack Needham says:

@janvoslos objective C is easy man.

Jonah Siegle says:

@TapTouchClick Thanks! 😀

janvoslos says:

im dreaming of learning this i watched 3 times and still dont get it…..

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