Objective-C on Windows 7 using GNUstep

How to set up windows environment to compile objective-C source code. No editing software is used so anything is happening real time. Old School rulz


greatsea says:

this is way more trouble than it is worth. i tried and something ended up breaking my file system. i had to reinstall windows in order to correct it. unless you are an incredibly advanced windows user i would steer clear of attempting to develop objective-c on windows. lots of pitfalls. there are more productive things you can be doing with your time. I’ve read up some on others attempts to do this and mostly it was a dead end.

Jhon Jrgs says:


vishnu kumar meena says:

what was that it is objective c .
ARe you sure fuck

Pro666Rock says:

Парень, твое произношение отвратительно!

Faheem Shah says:

Excellent Tutorial ! It really helped me a lot. Can you setup environment with new builds of these exe files?

Sateesh G says:

gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `cc1obj’: No such file or directory
Got above error
please help me

CASALS Matthieu says:

I do not have the folder ” objective C” how did you do to get it?

Pratik Patel says:

I did exactly as you said but i’m getting following error
fatal error:Foundation/Foundation.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated

vishnu kumar meena says:

you cannot explain meaning of anything so please do that

Hunaid Hassan says:

Pretty helpful

Dd says:

so where is the compiler? I just downloaded a bunch of stuff and got these files

LeventD says:

Very simple but useful tutorial, thanks

vishnu kumar meena says:

which compiler you use . I have to know please tell me.

grodobean says:

Deserves a sub…

jjRayjj5000 says:

very nice thanks for the info

ConrTV C says:

Time to write Mac viruses!

Basim Bakhurji says:


Very useful tutorial, really helped me

just try to talk a little bit faster 🙂

Yiannis Sarris says:

1:51 lol, thanks for video

Kevin Sinza says:

can this app run in window8?

Zane Woofer says:

i loved every part of it! your accent/ comments/ enthusiasm! ALL OF IT!! 10/10!!!!!

grodobean says:

worthless . I am getting XCode on windows using VirtualBox .

Jóhann Østerø says:

Great tutorial, but for future videos please avoid sounding so condescending, and as you do not care about what you’re teaching 😀

NETVO TV says:

Hi, I m learning obj-c with window 7 , not enough money to go to the mbp yet…
I have a question here, I doing the separate file section, so I need to separate the header n implementation file but after it how to run it?

kuku kuku says:

where do we find the objective folder ?i dont have it

Sultan Alzahrani says:

I liked your tutorial and it helps me a lot. I surprised that makefile did not work properly if I used the way you show us when you running sh.exe by searching it in the file explorer. I used another way by going directly to start button on windows and select from program “GNUStep” then select Shell program. This way will automatically set environment variable properly and shows a different shell that is fully colorful, and more importantly it works with makefile and other complicated tasks.

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