Objective C Programming – Tutorial 4 – Classes, Objects and Methods: Interface

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In this video Rasim shows us how to create a interface.

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Sinead Tbc says:

Very clean. Good work! New subscriber!

lop390 says:

is this for Xcode?

Rasim Muratovic says:

Check out my new video #objectivec   #programming  

Supergamerzzhd says:

Hey man how long did it take you to learn objective c and how long would you say it would take someone  to learn how to make apps.

Akash says:

nice ! thanks

The Mexican Guy says:

What resources in addition to your tutorials do you recomend to go through in order to learn obj-c to develop an app fully and should I learn swift also/instead

Dr Ralph Kennedy says:

Ah 1440p HD – we meet at last! Loved this tutorial man, please consider doing some Xcode tuts. What did you mean when you kept saying that you set the method as “void” because it didn’t return any values? I don’t understand – surely topSpeed for example is returning a value of top speed isn’t it? So why is that void?

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