Objective-C Tutorial: Creating an iOS App for Absolute Beginners (Tut: 1)

This video is the first video in my iOS App Development collection! This is also the second video in my Objective-C tutorial.

An introductory tutorial for beginning programmers to iOS application development! These segments of video tutorials are for those interested in learning Objective-C for iOS and Mac OS X.
These tutorials cover the foundation of the language for the beginner and then they later evolve into more advanced topics.


Diprotic says:

Again, perfect pace, please make more videos!!!!!!

QuadroMan1 says:

Whenever I set isUsersEqual and isPassword equal to the isStringEqualTo BOOL I got a thread breakpoint error (Or something like that anyways), however if I just replaced isUsersEqual and isPasswordEqual with the isStringEqualTo function for each text box I didn’t get the error.  Is the way of setting a bool used in this video outdated or did I just do something wrong?  It looked like it was word for word with your video.

Tasnim F says:

thank u <3

Au Yeung Ka Chon says:

dude, you have to make another video..you have to..teach us !!! your tut is one of the best on youtube.

Anh Duong says:

i like C++

Scott Huson says:

Nice video, I think that youtube needs more of your type of objective C videos. Can you make a tutorial for a very simple objective C game?

Mr.Rexxyy says:

How are games made? Are they made with engines like Unity and ported to iOS? Or are they coded in C++ and ported? And is the Cocos3D (I think it was called) a game engine?

Fallschirmjager says:


Oscar Wilkki says:

do you need to have a mac to do this?

Jay Jinn says:

The tutorial was horrible, because you didn’t adjust your screen to make it more viewable. It appears you didn’t realize that for people to read the code, you have to enlarge the font or view, so they can read it comfortable.

Barnabás Kerekes says:

Very good videos!! 🙂 KEEP UP The Hard work!

MrWorldpeace says:

Good tutorial! Keep them coming please!

Viral Prajapati says:

You have very less development tutorial!

Rhidlor says:

60 fps isn’t necessary and for people with poor internet its actually detrimental and depreciates the video

MrFred says:

I don’t have a mac computer so i just watch videos right now to learn because i really wanna know how to code. I’ve watched a few tutorials but your tutorial was the most impressing. I wish you did more videos….

Uros Spasojevic says:

It is tricky to navigate around Xcode, can you update the videos so that they are made for latest Xcode… I am constantly getting frustrated with Xcode and that’s why I always quit learning Obj-C

Ergs Flergs says:

I noticed that you write your methods like
-(void) methodName

instead of
-(void) methodName{

is there any way to change xcode preferences, so that the auto fill in displays it like the top one? I always found it easier doing it your way.

Propaganda Memes says:

Yo this is actually really good please do more


Hi guys I have just started a channel that focuses on designing and developing apps. I am currently working on a Pokedex series, where I teach how to build such an app in iOS. Make sure to check it out. Thank you 🙂

Karteek Duvvuri says:

You are Awesome man.. Great Job. Keep going..

Perry says:

Hey +SoftwareElitest , thanks for the videos.
For some reason I cannot drag my text field into the code, (shown at 20:12). I can drag it across and I can see the blue line but when I put it in the ViewController it doesn’t do anything. I’ve had this same problem in other projects where I can’t connect my text field with my code. I’m stumped!
Any ideas?
Thank you.

Parth Sheth says:

very helpful ! thanks alot

Sim Kieu says:

i think this is a good tutorial, its just i can hardly see anything… 🙁

Calel Lek says:

Good one, simple and clear.  Thanks Dude

James Parrish says:

how do you give the option to login through facebook? or linkedin?

Andrew Gilbert says:

Congrats on getting accepted into UT!! Your videos have been really helpful and I’m looking forward to seeing some more. I’m going to go into CS and UT Austin is one of my top choices I’m applying to this fall. How do you like UT so far?

Alex Bugs says:

Well I am just a  beginner, and I have a hard time on knowing where I will put the code to actually make something work.

Dhruv Chaudhari says:

Will we learn everything about objective c app development after this series?

Samuel McGurk says:

please make more videos!!!

Jordan George says:

make the text bigger

Israel Meshileya says:

i love this tutorial of yours….please, can you recommend some books for me…e-books to be precise…Note: free e-books.

MaxHax_ says:

Hey gr8 vid!
But I was just wondering if it is possible to get this on a Microsoft PC?

cutietho says:

Can you please do more videos

Santosh Kumar says:

hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover how to use an iphone basics try Corbandy Instant Phone Crusher(do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got amazing results with it.

EduardoKicks says:

can you please do more. 🙂 really informative and educational. this is a really big help for someone like me who is just starting to make iphone apps 🙂

Yong Sun says:

Thanks so much bro. I have zero knowledge in iOS development and I have learned something from your video. Wish you can continue in making tutorial videos so it can benefit all of us. Appreciate !

Aaron Gobble says:

Great tutorials! Please make more, yours have been by far the easiest to follow, most interesting, and very informative. Especially helpful for a beginner like me 🙂

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