Objective C Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 1 – Variables

Objective C Tutorial For Beginners is a series that introduces the Objective C programming language and teaches you how to write code to build iPhone apps.

Learning Objective C doesn’t have to be hard! In these tutorials, you will learn Objective C programming syntax, classes and software design patterns so that you can program iOS apps.

Combined with the Learn XCode 4 Tutorial series, you’ll be making iPhone apps in no time!

In this episode, we learn about data types and variable declarations.

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My channel, CodeWIthChris, is about all the aspects of building iOS apps. I’ll post video tutorials on Objective C, XCode, how to submit apps to the Apple App Store, and tutorials on building various types of apps or integrating things like analytics, advertisements etc. You might even find the odd app review here or there!

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Chris P. says:

Every Device i own is jailbroken but i am wiry of trying new TETHERED jailbreaks but UNTEATHERED jailbreaks never bother me. and i was reading comments and there are no risks i have 5!!! iDevices running cydia and with 3 out of 5 of them running on a complete different code lang

Sue Sussite says:

To small to see

risuiar says:

Not anymore, its not more necessary with ios 7 for me, i own iphone 5 and ipad 3 retina

Zachary Zeko says:

my ipod is jailbroken if that counts

Richard Agpaoa says:

hey chris i clicked your ad, to say thank you 🙂

Eric Jung says:

Great vids Chris

Gilles Klinkert says:

hi chris my name is gilles and im 13 years old im trying to learn how to make apps and coding with all the different objective classes. i have a question how much time did you used in 1 one day and how much days in a week please answer me!! already thanks

itscool sid says:

Hey Chris. Is there any way I can compile objective-c on windows 7 platform..?? 

HolliMolli says:

Ummm… okay but what’s the difference between Xcode and Objective C? also after i finsih the basic series what video would you recommend me next?

CodeWithChris says:

How to build iOS apps in general. Learn by following how to build demos! Each series will build increasingly complex apps together. The “Learn Obj-C” and “Learn Xcode” series are old and discountinued for now. So you should follow the Basics, and then the next one and so on… the series are listed in order on my profile page.

Xander Chettinger says:

My iPhone is jailbroken! xD

EpicCrafttt #1 says:

Hey chris i like your video
My dream is to become a software developer or a game developer for ios
I need advice
Which of your video can help me
Swift or objective c
And by the way
Do u recommended any book that can help me
Thx your video helps a lot 🙂

Satnavboy100 says:

my ipad is jailbroken

Michael Mooney says:

Thank you so much, I learned C++ thinking you could make apps in that but using objective C is so much better lol

Explain Like I'm Five says:

I can not explain how much i am thanking you!!

DeadlyDragon says:

what?? a coding tutorial that doesnt start with hello world?? BLASPHEMY!!!!!

Finn Fallowfield says:

Make C++ tutorials! (Best language!)

HolliMolli says:

hmmm…. “Build off the skills learned in the basic series” not sure what you meant by that, did u mean to say that the next series will teach us more about Objective C?tks

Amol Suryawanshi says:

Hello friend,
Please change font of your xcode as it is not clearly visible though I saw it on full screen

HolliMolli says:

Hey is this Objective C for complete beginner(absolutely no programming experience)?

Jordan Newman says:

im jailbroken

CodeWithChris says:

Thanks for watching nexislink!

Emerson Jose says:

Thanks for nothing, this tutorial too poor!

paradisegunshot says:

No one can watch this tutorial unless they have a fairly good background with programming. I might as well go and sit in a Chinese classroom and listen to Chinese conversations without understanding a thing. This tutorial isn’t for me…

Ameer Ahmad says:

None of my devices are jail broken

GamingHD says:

where is the post for beginners? would you recommend any book or website for non programers?

Brian Kim says:

Hi Chris.
I am a beginner in programming. I’m currently doing Java.
My question is what is the difference between c, c++, objective c, or Java. 
Is objective c easy?
         Thank you:)

Shi nik says:

Chris i am a c++ programmer but i have hard time to learn object c. What is your advice for me? How can i speed up my learning? I know object oriented and most of programming concept but i see how slow i am moving.
I even can not make an app alone.


chictomana says:

I use Android …. 

omar alhakeem says:

Hi Chris, did you start new tutorials to learn Objective-C in combination with swift on Xcode 6/+ for beginners ?

Spectator 123 says:

Where to download this music?

Michael Gustin says:

Hey Chris! Thank you for revamping everything. Thanks for making it so accessible and understandable for non programmers! You are AWESOME sir. Truly! Thank you for your time!

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