Objective-C Tutorial – Lesson 1: What You Need To Program and Programming Basics

Objective-C® for Dummies® by Neal Goldstein, Copyright © 2009 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., is the main source of information for this video.

[This is a remake of Objective-C Tutorial – Lesson 1]
In this lesson I go over the basics of what you need to program, where to get the SDK (software development kit) and how programs work. Then I go over what object-oriented programming is and how it differs what procedural programming.

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objective-c tutorial
objective-c tutorials
Objective-C Tutorial
objective c programming tutorial
objective c programming tutorials
Objective C programming Tutorial


yaboooy08 says:

thanks bro

Gustav Hassert says:

no shit

Raymundo Canales says:

First of all Mac isn’t a company dumbshit its a computer Apple is the company get your facts straight..

seantal007 says:

Actually you can run OSX in a virtual container on Windows if you don’t have the money for a mac ATM.

Aakash Bidlan says:

i dont have a mac what is the alternate option

PhreakOut says:

Great tutorial, subbed

Lever Postei says:

Keep on the amazing work dude! I’m a newbie and this was extreamly useful, thanks!

Nick Sawhney says:

Eclipse is more for Java, XCode is for Objective C, which is what is used to make Mac and iPhone apps

HughJassKawk says:

That’s cute. Nothing like a shitty PC with a fruit sticker and a price tag roughly 3x the amount of an equivalent model.

Tony Dang says:

Hey guys, I started uploading videos a few days ago and my channel is going to be all about iOS Game Development! I’ll be posting videos regularly (tutorials, time lapses, and updates), anyways please checkout my channel 🙂 Thanks

Austin O says:

Eww C++… ObjOrientated is like PUKE 4 C++..

paul prifti says:

Insteed of xcode can i use Eclipse?

SLM Y says:

where is instruments debugger? I can’t find it in App Store.

Edward Harshman says:

No you’re not. The content is great, but there are also too many filler words and repeated concepts so perhaps 20% can be removed from the length without loss of useful material. No offense intended; the material is extremely useful.

Lazic B. says:

He would have to be mega dumbass to do that!

RBSchassis says:

the fucking question was “any advice on how to get started for people on PC” and the answer is you cant because objective C is only for mac and xcode is only for mac and the whole SDK is only for mac.

sohailali121 says:

abc STFU learn alphabets till z

Ahmad Nasser says:

Excellent 🙂

Lazic B. says:

Hahaha! You really think you need a Mac to install OSX and program in Objective-C?

monstro360 says:

xCode is free now!!!!

jemonaco says:

Aren’t methods in OO programs equivalent to functions in procedural/structured programming?

TheDarkchaos99 says:

Thats for a mac only… and there and thing that are pc only…

Mik Kesirog says:

Is the last thing i would do.

KROSER says:

don’t be so naive to even think they are the same type of computer. i have both a high end pc and a macbook pro retina and they are SOO different, sure they both browse the internet and share certain programs but that really is where it stops

Oscar Hexeberg Staveli says:

Volume control, heard of it?

Ryan Claringbull says:

Man you really need to stop making that noise with your mouth. So annoying.

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