Objective-C Tutorial – Lesson 1: What You Need to Program & Programming Basics

Objective-C® for Dummies® by Neal Goldstein, Copyright © 2009 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., is the main source of information for this video.

I go over a basic diagram of how programs work and what you need to program.
Link for SDK – http://developer.apple.com/iphone/
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objective-c tutorial
objective-c tutorials
Objective-C Tutorial
objective c programming tutorial
objective c programming tutorials
Objective C programming Tutorial


Arda Burak Altuntaş says:


IsaiahTaylorSpeaks says:

Cause it’s 3 in the morning and he’s trying not to wake peeps up.

macandcomputerhelp says:

@jptomberlin Thanks! I hope you enjoy all the lessons!

chuy25 says:

*them coming !!!!!

Cyphorous says:

how old are you ?

Michael Pham says:

I really do appreciate videos like this! Taking your time to help us obtain your knowledge is great!

stringtheory9991 says:


Sir Pug Coolpug says:

Love you videos

staraffinity says:

Object-Orientaited? 😉

Lawrence Reyno says:

Wow!!! These are great help for everyone! I want to make a app and didn’t understand Xcode. Thank You!
Jonh 3:16 brother 🙂

ulle98 says:

Good job really leand some thing

macandcomputerhelp says:

@DarkBeats00 No problem!

Joel Simon says:

excellent tutorial!

Swiss X Tutorials says:

You are:
Legen.. wait for it.. daaryyy

pajke007 says:


Seb Vecchi says:

thank you so much, keep up the good work!

PirateHugger says:

@CodCadets No such thing. You can only program objective-c on a Mac operating system. That or emulate the mac os on a PC.

z400racer37 says:

Cant wait to watch the rest of the videos man! Great stuff!

Fu11ySickBr0 says:

THANK GOD!!!! I was searching the internet for ages trying to find a easy way to learn Objective-C, YOU SIR ARE A GREAT MAN! 🙂

Md Rashid Iqubal says:

so boring

Mohammed Al Zayani says:

hey am just a beginner but isnt xcode a interface builder

macandcomputerhelp says:

@JoelSimon6 Thanks!

Braden Mende says:

I am a dummy, and I like objective so YAY!

kazooieman says:

Just to clarify to others, you need a Mac to program this language… BUT you can counter that by downloading VMware and Snow Leopard. This is a virtual machine that allows you to load any type of OS so just choose Snow Leopard and within that OS you can start learning Objective C. 🙂

Chris Dickison says:

nope I’m pretty sure it’s orientated….

JP Tomberlin says:

Excellent tutorial man!! I was nervous about trying to learn programming until I watched this video. Very well done!

Bob Graton says:

could i need to do a up date snow leopart because i dont have your programs

Amer Abu Hassan says:

9999999999999 thanks for you

PirateHugger says:

@flipballaz93 You can emulate mac on pc now.

Dominic Leydier says:

fucking love this

SimplicityRocks says:

Many thanks for your extremely helpful videos!!!! 😀 you are a LEGEND !! 😀

HeyBeautifulYna says:

This is great! Thank you for creating these tutorials!!

Ralph Lewis says:

obj-c is actually a strict superset of c

macandcomputerhelp says:

@TheAviatorMan Well, I try my best to be LEGENDARY! Haha 🙂

SpeckZerZ says:

Knew all of that and already had Xcode just want to get started.

maam31 says:

this would be funny as hell if you could do this on microshit

Jason Colotario says:

Wait! Can someone send this guy some glasses? His slides read ‘oriented’ and he STILL kept saying ‘orientated’.

Chao-Yang Lu says:

Is Objective C a “subset” or a “superset” of C?

Punk rock In the wrong hands says:

Who else is whispering besides him? We is for plural. Surely you knew this, yes?

Douglas Yuiw says:

why are we whispering?+1

macandcomputerhelp says:

@RnBlackz I appreciate the comment man!

SkiGopro29 says:

Hi do you know the code to change the text colour

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