Should I Learn Objective C

Should you still learn Objective C in 2018? In this video I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should still strive to learn Objective C and some of the benefits from being able to use both Objective C and Swift together.

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Pablo Contreras says:

absolutely right everything’s still based on Objective C

steven Gao says:

Great topic, Now there are flutter dart and native, 2 more, so confusing and overwhelming what should i really go grab and learn if i only have so limited time ? For ios and what is for android,kotlin or java with N studio? thanks

Juan Mendez says:

Likewise, you need to know Java if you want to do Android development. Kotlin is not enough. I have seen fellow iOS developers who don’t know Objective-C but it’s in part because they are young.

Code Pro says:

So which language did you start with first? Did you start from Objective C first or did you start from Swift?

Tushar Singh says:

Hi, I came across your channel recently and had a doubt, could you answer this question please?

Juan Mendez says:

I am learning Objective-C as an Android developer in 2018 to understand iOS pairing projects. I think is a cool language you just need time to practice it. Since I know Kotlin, I don’t even worry too much of learning Swift, but that will be next.

Lucas says:

Really like your video style. I don’t want to learn objective c though.

Robert Petras says:


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