“What should I learn first, Objective C or Swift?”

iOS Engineer, Eric Miller, brings some clarity to the growing debate about which development language up-and-coming software developers should learn first.

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Adnan Nazir says:

Objective C aaaaaahhhhh
Thanks Swift

Om Patel says:

what is the best place to learn objective c or swift

Jhggf Bcdd says:


Artem says:

I am wondering.. How long would it take to learn and build a decent media player for example, if I know nothing about programming?

Joaquin Vilar says:

im not sure if he have hands

ruben esquivel says:

what is best language for making Mac desktop software? is there language for both Mac and windows?

fromkintaro says:

Swift, you should learn Swift first, ’cause it’s powerfuller than Swift.

Stitches TMI GANG says:

this guy looks awkward and worried lol is he alright?

Ian Stallings says:

Fortunately it works side by side and you can mix the two. Now that swift is at version 2 I’ve started building my new projects in it. But when I hire iOS developers I do require that they know Obj-C. Too much existing code out there, like you said.

Israel Meshileya says:

love your videos…..i will like to make a little request please

can you share some books on objective c with me (good ones for beginners) Note, they must be free…..?….preferably from deitel…..i will appreciate

Jhggf Bcdd says:


TheGarvito says:

It hasn’t even been 30 years for iOS lol

Mau PS says:

Question here guys, please answer me, I will be getting a job interview not too far from now and its about an internship of learning how to do iOS apps. I am very very good using objective-c already have been working on this market for 3 years almost and have a vast experience in all the process of releasing a software product, also I consider myself a very quick learner and well known of the SCRUM methods for efficient work. My question is because this internship is oriented for people who want to learn something I already know will I be asked about C* or C++ in the interview? ’cause its been ages since I used either both even though C* is kind of similar.  (if u wonder why I applied for this even though I already know, is because I might get a job in US just by doing good, the fear is in the technical interview thats all)

Raul Gutierrez says:

Learn both! I’ve been a SQL Dev for over a decade and I never thought I’d cross over to PL/SQL for any reason and it has happened on many occasions. The subtle differences can keep you up for days! So it helps to be open-minded and learn a little of both.

Ryan Holmes says:

I though he was gunna cry for the entire video. Still a great answer though

Abdul Sami says:

Does android development require mastery in java ?

Flip Tube says:

Which is harder to learn Swift or OBJECTIVE C?

NETVO TV says:

will apple make swift to use on non-apple device too?

Sidiiq says:

i want to learn swift but apple keeping changing the language. i was learning 2 , now 3 is out, any help pls?

Michael Thomas says:

Killed it bro.

Nadja Pelz says:


DasMirror says:

im mac miller xD

Camron Ra says:

Wow! You did a great job laying out the benefits of both languages! Just liked and subscribed! I’m confident your channel will be a great resource for my projects!

not zel says:

preferably neither

Eliot Swank says:

It always amazes me how software engineers must use the programming language rules in order to get the computer to do things they want, but when it comes to using proper written English in video descriptions, they write things that say, in this instance, that there is only one iOS dev, and it’s this guy. Comma rules don’t exist to annoy people; they exist to make meaning clear.
Here’s the rule: Put commas around non-essential modifiers, and leave them out if the modifiers are essential. Basic fucking grammar.

Ismail Sultani says:

It looks like an Apple Manager got a gun pointed to him behind the camera lol. Dude is nervous af.

liam hennigan says:

Is he ok?

violinsheets says:

Is the answer still the same (>1 year has passed)? Swift programming language looks so much neater than Objective-C. (I learned C and C++ at school so far)

Khương Thịnh Kiều says:

Hi Ask A Dev,
All videos in your channel are so interesting, but could you modify or add the right transcript (subtitle) for this video and other videos in “Ask a Dev” channel?
That’ll help me understand your video more easily. I’m not good at English, so I cannot follow your videos completely.
Thank you so much.

IKEA MONKEY *on lsd* says:

Fuck that Swift is the future

sh7faraj says:

I don’t have any clue of programming so when I decided to learn I chose swift so I can have the principals of programming I need, in the easier way and to know how it actually work. like a gate to enter the programming world… Then to learn objective-c, Java, etc..

Antoni Tescaro says:

If you wanna build your own apps, I say go for Swift. If you wanna work as an iOS developer on other companies, you’ll probably need to know some Obj-C.

Just keep in mind that programming languages don’t matter, people only care about the final product, not about how it was made.

Adnan Ahmad says:

I think it would be good to learn Swift instead of objective C, Swift is capturing market and in future swift is more charming in term of money and learning..

Platin 21 says:

The Question taht i have is there is the Auto type in C++ and waht did the change in C++14 in auto type ?
And an nother Question ist waht should i use to make guis whit C++ ? Ultimate or Qt are waht is ther whit taht i can make guis?
I work primarily whit Qt but for taht I must buy an licence to sale my programms an tahts a monthly price taht i must pay for it .

Reina Villa says:

#askadev With so many Frameworks available for creating Native Apps using Html, Css & JS – is it worth Learning Company’s established (native Languages) Like Obj C, Swift, C# or Java . when you can write once and deploy in all platform with the same code base (source code)? – Thanks!

Ask A Dev says:

+Israel Meshileya We hear ya! We added CC and will do so from here on out, thanks for watching!

Dardan M says:

Objective C is pretty much a requirement if you want to work for a company

You MIGHT be able to get away with just Swift in a indie company

marcoswi says:

You need just pray to Apple going down, because ObjectiveC and Xcode are the worst thing that was done.Programming in this language and ide is a scourge.

RecapHD says:

Just learn the basics of Objective-C and go learn Swift. Because company’s will search for Developers over 5 years who can program in Swift with 5 year experience and YOU can be ONE of these programmers. It’s a gift from Apple you know.. 🙂

Michael Brown says:

This is a perspective of someone new to IOS programming but I see Apple pushing Swift as the big new thing.  The new “cool” language to develop with.  And it does look to have some really nice features.  Why not just go with the fun of learning Swift and see how that works out.  If you find out later you need Objective-C, then you can learn that too.  No need to start out thinking there is some set path you will need to follow. Things in technology change rapidly and there will always be something else you need to learn anyway.  I say go with Swift.

bhavik tikudiya says:

What is the best Mobile Game Development platforms to start learning and where should a dev start to learn? #askadev

Nope says:

If you know C or C++, then learn Objective-C first. Else, you can start with Swift, which i personally find easier.

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