♡ DIY: How To Decoden Tutorial ♡ Part One: Pearl Case

Watch my DIY gel nails tutorial video here:

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FOR MATERIALS, VISIT http://www.etsy.com/shop/roppongikitsch
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For a deco pick-up pencil like my white one:

Visit http://fuckyeahdecoden.tumblr.com/ !
It’s a community that Julie, Danielle & I run together.

Julie’s Decoden Shop:

Danielle’s Decoden Shop:

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PART TWO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3zzY2qYGqI

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Kayleigh says:

Finally, an in-depth tutorial! 🙂 Thanks <3

teresa jones says:

can you make me one for a iphone 5s or 5c case 

lorraine lehane says:

Do you use a sealer on the pieces after they are stuck down?

Madison Rivera says:

Can u make me a iPhone 4 case like that??:((( please.

Riley Axelrod says:

Where do you buy your cabachons ( not sure how to spell it haha)

Domonique Washington says:

For a beginner whats the best place to get everything you need. Like the hello kitty pieces.??

konekokoi22 says:

I need to know what tune you are using from him as your music near the ending. It’s driving me insane trying to search for it.

Leticia Lua says:

+Reanette Crawford I can’t reply to you… search for that on Etsy and you’ll find plenty of materials 🙂

brixhbee says:

I’m in love with your creations and there all beautiful .

Starr Carpenter says:

Can u use a hot glue gun?

Haley Sim says:

Where did you get the tray?

sker-reut says:

Thanks for this video, I’m decodening my retainer case

michelle catherine says:

Why did you close your shop?

britanie russell says:

I had to learn the hard way. But while shopping on etsy I found craft syringes with the gauges. made it so much easier and less messy to deco

konekokoi22 says:

No idea how to reply to the comment using my phone (because i’m just dumb like that). But yea, i looked at the description box the first time. It’s just that it took me to all his tracks and i’d like to know which actual one you used.

小婷月 says:

Can you make more phone cases,i very like your video 😀

Nicole Koa says:


Abigail Garcia says:

aww your so welcome !! 🙂

Bows and Nails says:

I love Hello Kitty! So cute!

Mia Crowley says:

Thank you for your time on making this tutorial! 🙂

Brittany O says:

Man I love this I wish I had the money to be able to do it. 

Leticia Lua says:

Emily, yes it is strong enough! Thanks! Hope you see this, I cannot reply to you.

Agnes Sunflower says:

I’m obsessed with decoden now. THANK YOU.

Chrysantha Piano says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial!  It was the first long tutorial I’ve seen where every piece of information is actually relevant!  xD  And it was SUPER helpful!!!  =3

Mari Bibiano says:

Very cute I love it

小婷月 says:

I hope you can make more phone cases like samsung phone cases

EmGutzy says:


Amy Soden says:

Hi, this case is so beautiful! 🙂 Did you use white pearls or off white pearls for it?

konekokoi22 says:

Thanks a lot. Much apreciated. :]

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