Avolites Basic “Pearl” Training – Pearl Console Layout – Lesson 1

Welcome to our first lesson in the series of Video Tutorials dedicated to Pearl OS. In this video tutorial we’ll look at the layout of the Pearl 2010 console.
Please check out other Basic Pearl training videos on youtube.
More information about Avolites products and manuals on www.avolites.com
Please also look check out video tutorials on Titan OS which are coming soon.
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Avolites says:

you’re welcome! 🙂

Abraham Garcia says:

how can i use the visualizer???

Frederik Lisborg says:

Hey Avo..

Im’ a avo user on 5th year, im’ only 15 years old, im’ a BIIG avo fan – and i love working on your consoles, especially your expert with TITAN-software… And i would love to have my on avo-console. And then i thougt of, have you made a PC-wing,? Or have you guys thougt of during it?

Best regards,
Sorry the bad english, im’ danish 😉

Avolites says:

Thanks for your comment.
yes we made 2 videos for Expert running Titan – How to create a cuelist and palette. please check out our playlist HOW TO.


majkofsweden says:

How do I set up the Visualizer on the desk? Or is it running on a PC connected to the desk, and in that case how do i set that up?

Jillz500 says:

@lighttech258852 LMAO! always need one of those lol!

Avolites says:

yes, you can trigger cues/memories from midi keyboard – but it works only with Azure and Pearls (classic, ie. 2000, 2004, 2008 & 2010)
Midi triggering is not yet supported in Titan based consoles.

Michael Mackinnon says:

as much as ive resisted lighting desks for the last 25 years, and worked with midi and before that touch panels, my question is , can i connect a midi keyboard to your desks and use that to control the lighting ?

Jorge de los Santos says:

I’m just trying to watch the video. I would like to point out the bad quality of the sound of the video with that noisy background which makes annoying to see the video. Also, the magenta light and the reflection of the camera light on the Pearl is not helping the case. 

deepesh sachdev says:

which software you use for pulp board for pc

Dipankar Shakya says:

can we please get the name of the visualizer software used in the videos as it would be a lot easier to practice on it without having to set up all the lights. hope you guys respond soon. cheers 🙂

Frederik Lisborg says:

Hey Avo!

Where can i get a Sharpie, with your logo?

Avolites says:

we’ve done basic training videos. we’ll continue doing more in very near future. keep practicing – and you’ll know everything 🙂

malightcommander says:


I was wondering what visualiser software are you using in these videos?

Best Regards from a Pearl Tiger owner (since a few weeks)… 😉

malightcommander says:


I’m still interested in the visualiser software used in these videos. Can you tell me what it is, please?

Thanks in advance!

Lachlan Elmore says:

Hi, Great videos thanks!

I was wondering if you could please post some videos specific to the Tiger Touch. There is very little literature for this console on the internet or your website. It is a very impressive and expensive piece of kit, but Avolites don’t seem to pay it much attention.

Just some basic ‘how to’ and ‘tips and tricks’ videos would make me a much happier customer.

Thank you!

Avolites says:

Thanks for your comment.
i’m happy to hear that you like our desks and especially Titan. i hope you’ll be able to get your own desk at some point. if you need any assistance, contact us via email. as for PC wing, we have some ideas. but at the moment we’re very focused on Tiger Touch and Expert consoles. hope to see you and everyone else at Prolight & Sound this year.

shaikh irfan says:

hi sir  my self is shaih irfan i m stay in india( mumbai maharashtra).i want to learn avolites basic training in india(mumbai) can u suggest me how can learn this thing and any contact for this …………  can you please contact me.9920860034/9967704618….   thank you

Ross Blitz says:

Thanks for the great video, giving me some insight into this console.

I can’t express enough how much i’m not a fan of programing your older consoles… Although, With the touch improvement it’s gotten better.. I’d love to get on a sapphire and try it out.

Karl Spicer says:

how to use titansimulator tuto

Skooh2000 says:

you should be embarrassed to show these videos. The lights are dim and sound is unclear and back ground noise is distracting.

Rezal Mokti says:

Can u show us how to make new fixture profile?

Scott Tranchitella says:

My rolacue sapphire doesn’t have an internal connection to the midi or VGA ports. Why?

briandawkings says:

do you still sell this??

Sean N says:

terrible video. can hardly hear or see anything

dong calingacion says:

finally! we can learn the proper way! thanks

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